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Saree styling

Saree styling

The saree is a beautiful and traditional garment worn by women from India and other countries. Essentially, a saree is simply a long piece of decorative fabric that can be draped across the body in different ways. Because of this, it's an incredibly flexible piece of clothing that you can style however you want.

As well as choosing to wear the sari itself in lots of different ways, you can choose accessories to complement it. Bangles, earrings, shoes, makeup and other embellishments can complete your outfit. A saree is the perfect choice for a special occasion or party or even just casual wear. If you want some ideas for how to style yours, keep reading.

Explore different ways of draping your saree: The first thing you can consider is how to drape your saree in different ways. A saree is usually about five to nine yards long, and two to four feet wide. That means you have plenty of material to work with, so you can position it however you want. In fact, there are over 80 ways you can choose to drape your saree. They can't all be covered here, but you can understand a few of the most popular ways to drape saree.

Bengali Style: The Bengali style of wearing a saree is perfect for a special occasion. You can choose to wear it with a beautiful saree with a rich border for maximum impact. To drape a saree in this style, you can start by tucking one end of the saree into your waistband to the right of your waist. Keep tucking as you bring it once around your waist and to your left hip. You should then make a wide box pleat that goes to your right leg and tuck it in. Form another box pleat, then pleat the pallu.

You can temporarily clip it in place while you hold it and drape it over your left shoulder. Make the front of the saree touch the ground at the front and back. Unclick the pleats and pin the pallu to your left shoulder. Then pull the right border of the pallu over your chest and tuck it in at your hip. With the right corner of the pallu, you can attach a keyring or another decorative accessory. Put it over your right shoulder from the front, then straighten your front pleats.

Choose an eye-catching hairstyle: Whenever you wear a saree, your look isn't just about the saree itself. Your choice of hairstyle may depend on where you are going. Some women choose to wear a saree at work or to corporate events. On the other hand, you could be going to a wedding or formal occasion. Whether you choose a traditional or contemporary saree style, you need a hairstyle to go with it. You can go for a classic style, such as a bun or chignon if you want to keep things simple.

There are lots of embellishments you can choose, from flowers to sparkling hair clips. A plait or braid is also an excellent choice. You can choose to do it in several different styles for a more traditional or modern look. For example, you could do a French braid or fishtail plait if you want to do something different. Of course, some women choose to leave their hair down when they wear a saree. You can still choose from plenty of styles, even when you don't put your hair up. You could have loose curls swept to the side or waves falling down your back and shoulders. There's also the option of having your hair half up and half down.

You can do what you want with each section of hair.Don't forget your jewelry: Your saree outfit wouldn't be complete without some jewelry. However, what you choose and how much you wear depends on what you are getting dressed for. If you are wearing a saree to work, you won't want to wear anything too flashy. If you are attending a wedding, you can choose some more decorative pieces.

A necklace is a great piece to start with, and you can choose from many different styles. You might want a large statement necklace or perhaps something a bit more subtle. When you choose earrings, you might decide on a matching set that goes with your necklace. Long earrings will draw attention to your neck and look fantastic when you have your hair up or down. If you choose to wear a bindi, it could be small or large.

A smaller bindi is better if you don't want it to overwhelm your face. However, you might choose a larger and more eye-catching one if you're wearing a bright saree. You don't want the saree to pull all the attention away from your face. A bindi helps to highlight your face again and make sure it doesn't get lost. Bracelets are excellent options for jewelry too. You could go for a stream of jangling bangles or perhaps a hand decoration that goes over your wrist and finger. (excerpt)

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