Published:  12:45 AM, 07 November 2017

Should age bar for women continue?

Should age bar for women continue?

In our society a man needs to be educated and get a job before getting married because he needs to take care of his family. On the contrary, when it comes to women, they need to get married soon. But we know in rural life the scenario is even worse. Our society doesn't bother whether a woman is ready for marriage or she wants to continue her study or wants to build up her Career.  

Rather, it is believed that the biological clock of women is ticking so they need to get married soon as if they have no other purpose in life other than giving births.   Here are a few stories regarding this matter.Sanjida graduated from a public university. While she was studying their parents did not force her to get married. But when she was about to complete her graduation they keep telling her to get married. It looks like they have been waiting her to graduate only because they can get her married. However, she is only 22 and she wants to continue her studies further.

This is a story of Mim. She is not studious, not even she is ambitious. Her result in university is not impressive, either. That's why her parents think it will be best for her to get married and be a housewife. However, she does not want to be a housewife. She had a dream of starting a small business on her own. It may not be big but it would be something for herself.

Daisy khan, 27, is an independent woman with an earning. When she was 20, she saw her sister getting divorced; her husband made problems and cheated on her. Her sister was a housewife and had to face a lot of drawbacks afterwards.

She has learned from her life experience that, there is no guarantee that if I get married it is going to last forever. That's why she has learned to stand on her own feet, so that she does not have to be dependent on anyone else. But her relatives tell her parents that she will not get an eligible partner at an old age. According to them, for a girl 27 is an age where you are no longer considered young.

These quotes are the portrait of society's double standard mentality. Marriage does not necessarily have to a barrier in the path of achieving success. A supportive family can help to achieve all the things that a woman desires for even after marriage. In order to change this, women need to have a strong attitude on their own because no one else will be doing it for them.

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