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Eat these 26 foods for better vision

Eat these 26 foods for better vision

Vitamin A is essential for maintaining the health of the eyeas well as for preventing eye inflammation, dryness and night time blindness.The recommended daily amount of this vitamin is 5000IU and the best thing isthat you can get it from many foods such as the following. Consuming thesefoods will increase the vitamin A levels in the body thus make your visionbetter

1.Tomatoes: Tomatoes contain lots of vitamins and mineralsbut very little calories. Just one medium tomato will provide you with 20% of thevitamin A you need and they are also rich in lycopene and vitamin C.

1 medium tomato contains 1025 IU of vitamin A and 22calories

2. Cantaloupe: Cantaloupe is also low in calories and fatbut it is loaded with nutrients. In fact, just one wedge provides about 120% ofthe vitamin A you need for the day.

1 wedge contains 5986 IU of vitamin A and 23 calories

3. Beef liver: Beef liver is very efficient for treatinganemia because of the high amounts of vitamin A and C it contains. It providesthree times the recommended amount of vitamin A.

100 grams of beef liver contains 16898 IU of vitamin A and135 calories

4. Iceberg lettuce: A cup of iceberg lettuce contains only10 calories but lots of nutrients including vitamin A. It is an excellentchoice for a healthy meal.

1 cup of shredded lettuce contains 361 IU of vitamin A and10 calories

5.Peaches: Peaches are loaded with magnesium, phosphorus,potassium, iron, calcium and vitamin C as well as lots of vitamin A.

1 medium peach contains 489 IU of vitamin A and 59 calories

6. Sweet potatoes: Sweet potatoes taste delicious and arealso extremely healthy with very little calories.

1 medium sweet potato contains 21909 IU of vitamin A and 103calories

7. Red bell peppers: They are a great source of lycopene aswell as vitamin A and C.

1 medium red bell pepper contains 3726 IU of vitamin A and37 calories

8. Cod liver oil: It contains vitamin A, D as well as omega3 fatty acids and can be consumed as a liquid or a capsule.

1 tablespoon contains 14000IU of vitamin A and 126 calories

9. Turkey liver: 100 grams of turkey liver provides 15 timesthe recommended daily value of vitamin A as well as many other vitamins andminerals.

100 grams of turkey liver contains 75333 IU of vitamin A and273 calories

10. Mangoes: Mangoes are bot delicious and very nutritiousand they provide more than 30% of the recommended daily amount of vitamin A.

1 cup of sliced mango contains 1785 IU of vitamin A and 107calories.

11. Spinach: Spinach contains lots of iron, calcium,manganese as well as vitamin C, K and A.

1 cup of spinach contains 2464 IU of vitamin A and 8calories

12. Turnip greens: They are a great source of nutrientsparticularly vitamin A.

1 cup of chopped turnip greens contains 6373 IU of vitamin Aand 18 calories

13. Fortified oatmeal: Dairy products and grains are a greatsource of vitamins such as A and D.

1 cup of cooked fortified oatmeal contains 1453 IU ofvitamin A and 159 calories.

14. Whole milk: An excellent choice for providing your bodywith lots of magnesium, calcium, protein and vitamins A and D.

1 cup of whole milk contains 395 IU of vitamin A and 146calories.

15. Carrots: Carrots provide your body with vitamins C, K,B, fiber, magnesium and even twice the amount of the recommended daily dose ofvitamin A.

1 medium carrot contains 10191 IU of vitamin A and 25calories.

16. Butternut squash: Loaded with beta carotene that turns into vitamin A when digested,butternut squash provides more than 4 times the recommended daily amount ofvitamin A as well as lots of vitamin C, fiber and potassium.

1 cup of butternut squash cubes contains 22868 IU of vitaminA and 82 calories

17. Dried basil: 100 grams of dried basil contains 744 IU ofvitamin A and 251 calories.

18. Paprika: A popular spice in many cuisines which provideslots of vitamin A, C as well as potassium and calcium.

1 tablespoon of paprika contains 3448 IU of vitamin A and 20calories.

19. Dandelion greens: They are rich in iodine, calcium andantioxidants but low in calories.

1 cup of dandelion greens contains 5589 IU of vitamin A and25 calories.

20. Kale: A versatile vegetable that provides with lots ofvitamin A as well as other health benefits.

1 cup of kale contains 10302 IU of vitamin A and 34 calories

21. Red pepper:  1tablespoon of red pepper contains 2981 IU of vitamin A and 16 calories

22. Peas: Peas are loaded with vitamins C, B, K and A butthey are low in calories.

½ cup of peas contains 1680 IU of vitamin A and 62 calories

23. Mustard greens: A rich source of calcium, protein,folate, manganese, fiber, vitamin C, E and A.

1 cup of chopped mustard greens contains 5880 IU of vitaminA and 15 calories.

24. Dried apricots: Dried fruits are loaded with nutrients,energy and antioxidants, and dried apricots are particularly rich in vitamin A.

1 cup of dried apricot halves contains 4685 IU of vitamin Aand 313 calories.

25. Dried marjoram: One of the richest herbal sources ofvitamin A, a 100 g rams serving provides more than 150 % of the recommendeddaily amount of vitamin A.

26. Papaya: Papaya contains minerals, antioxidant, enzymesand vitamins including vitamin A.

1 small papaya contains 1444 IU of vitamin A and 59calories.

Vitamin A is essential for healthy skin, properlyfunctioning immune system, and proper development and function of the eyes. Itcan be easily found in many foods, so don’t wait anymore and start consumingthe abovementioned foods more often. Your eyes will be thankful.


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