Published:  01:38 AM, 11 November 2017

Introducing Japanese health screening system ‘Ningen Dock’ in Bangladesh

Introducing Japanese health screening system ‘Ningen Dock’ in Bangladesh

The word "Ningen Dock" came from a Japanese term which means "human dockyard."The concept came from the regular fitness test of commercial ships which are sailing through seas and return to dockyards for regular checkups. Most of the Japanese people undergo a health screening system known as "Ningen Dock" at least once a year arranged by the companies they are working for or on personal basis"Ningen Dock" is a comprehensive health examination to detect and treat diseases, particularly in the early stages of a disease. "Ningen Dock" also helps to detect and prevent serious progressive diseases by controlling the risks linked with lifestyle-related ailments.

To introduce the "Ningen Dock system" in Bangladesh, Konica Minolta Healthcare, a Japanese company formed a consortium in Japan and ran the first stage of the pilot project in Pubail, Gazipur. The pilot project is funded by METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Investment, Japan) and MEJ (Medical Excellence Japan).

The three month pilot project was carried out by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare through Civil Surgeon, Gazipur, Medicare Japan, under the direct supervision of Line Directors, NCD of Directorate General of Health Services.

A total 2500 population over 40 years old took the "Ningen Dock" during the 1st phase. Konica Minolta Incorporated and the consortium have been preparing to conduct the 2nd stage of the pilot in different locations in Bangladesh targeting more numbers of people.

One of the project leaders of "Ningen Dock in Bangladesh" is Sheikh Mostafa Aziz, Marketing Manager, Healthcare Company, Konica Minolta Inc. Japan.This healthcare system is expected to bring about faster results in disease identification and it is most likely to help people out with pathological issues. Japanese people are known across the world as a very innovative nation and that's why Japanese companies have introduced this system to keep their people in good health.

If the same healthcare method can be successfully materialized in different parts of Bangladesh it will play significant roles for raising health consciousness among people and for protecting people from several sorts of health complications.

Most of the people fall a prey to serious diseases due to negligence. When a diseases appears for the first time it is the most sensible thing to seek medical advice from qualified doctors immediately so that the health problems can be cured up faster.

But unfortunately most of the people wake up about their health complications at such a stage when it is too late to go for effective treatment. Therefore, disease detection system like "Ningen Dock" will be very much helpful to examine human health in our country and to save people from the adversities of complicated physical and mental hazards.

The concerned authorities should also train up paramedics to help patients with Ningen Dock system in clinics and hospitals.

The writer is a healthcare specialist living in Japan

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