Published:  12:36 AM, 15 November 2017

Veto power: A bibcock to hamper the world equality

Veto power: A bibcock to  hamper the world equality

The Security Council is one of the important branches of the United Nation Organization. It is marked as the executive branch of the UNO. The world peace and security are dependent on the decisions of the Security Council to a large extent. It is desirable that the charters, rules, and programmes of the Security Council should be formulated in such a way that the aims and objectives of the UNO are not violated in any way.

But it is a matter of great concern that the decision-making approach of the Security Council is continuously neglecting the UNO's duty of ensuring the fair justice and world human rights. The reason for the weakness of the UNO to establish the world peace and security is the present functional scheme of the Security Council.

The distinguishable feature of the Security Council is the presence of the veto powers of the world five powerful as well as the permanent members of the council such as USA, UK, Russia or former the Soviet Union, France, and China. The provision of veto power is kept in the working procedure of the Security Council in order to control any sort of evil effort of the powerful states and to establish unity among the powerful members to attain the aims and objectives of the UNO.

But in most of the cases, the permanent members have failed to reach a unanimous decision in order to solve any world problem and in the consequences, the UNO has turned into a puppet organization of the powerful states. Thus the veto power is using to keep the various world problems alive in order to maintain the interests of the allied forces or self-interests.

If we observe the history of the world we can easily catch it. The Palestine problem is the most talked issue of the world politics. But the UNO has failed to take any effective step in this regard. The main responsibility of this problem lies with Israel. Israel is the main collaborator of the USA in the Middle East.

For that reason, though there raises a world concern against Israel and in favor of the Palestine, the UNO cannot take any effective step to solve this issue due to the opposition of the USA. The other members such as UK and France did not raise their voice because they are connected to the U.S.A through the NATO. Again though China was in good term with the Soviet Union due to the war of 1969 China has taken a position against the Soviet Union. Therefore, the whole world power has been confined to the wills of few states.

In the early of the 90th decade when the cold war had been stopped through the breaking of the Soviet Union the unipolar power exercising under the leadership of the U.S.A in the world got momentum. As a result, drastic changes were felt in the usual role of the Security Council. UNHCR was created in order to maintain the supremacy of the permanent members of the Security Council. This nonpolitical institution was created during the cold war to solve the issue of refugees.

During the cold war, a lot of racial conflicts were taken place. In the consequences, the refugee problem became acute in the Africa and Latin America after the end of this bipolar conflict. The Security Council during 1991-96 ordered the UNHCR total nearly 30 times to take humanitarian steps in different sectors and this was an unimaginable event up to 1991.

In fact, the cost of the refugees of the cold war was borne by one of the actors of the bipolar conflict. In this way, he has tried to establish his influence over the world. But astonishingly during the post-cold war era, the financial allocation for the refugees in the UNHR has been reduced. It reflects the real intent of the influential actor behind the formation of the UNHR.

In recent times the security council is not playing any exemplary role in solving the world crucial issues such as Iraq issue, Kurdistan issue, Palestine issue,  Tibet issue, North Korea issue, Middle East issue, Kashmir issue  through  the prime objective of the security council is to assist the member states to protect their security and sovereignty. The main reason for the failure of the Security Council is that the permanent members have self-interests in every issue.

The permanent members are always busy to show their own power and supremacy keeping the Security Council inactive and therefore, the critical issues are becoming more critical. Now, doubts are rising regarding the duties and responsibilities of the Security Council. In order to destroy the feudal nature, a global demand is increasing to abolish the veto power of the Security Council.

The global intellects and leaders think that in order to establish the world peace and stability and to implement the aims and objectives of the UNO it is urgent to make the decision-making process of the Security Council more flexible. Mahathir Mohammad, the former president of Malaysia, summoned to abolish the veto power in the OIC conference and Rafsanjani, the former president of Iraq, did the same.

The veto power has been considered as inconsistent, irrelevant and an obstacle to establishing fair justice in the context of the present world. In the article 2(1) of the UN Charter, the principle of sovereign equality of all the states is stated. But in the article 27, the provision of the veto power of the five big states has been provided in any decision making.

This provision has created discrimination among the permanent members and the other members of the UNO which is contrary to the equitable principle of sovereign equality of all the states. It is certainly ridiculous that due to the veto of a single state a benevolent step cannot be taken. Therefore, it is necessary to say this veto power goodbye for the betterment of humanity.

The writer is a student of Law, University of Dhaka. General Member of Dhaka University Moot Court Society

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