Published:  01:05 AM, 25 November 2017

Are Hillary's fingerprints on Mueller's smoking gun?

Are Hillary's fingerprints on Mueller's smoking gun?

The London Centre for International Law Practice (LCILP) is in the middle of one of the biggest political scandals in history. George Papadopoulos, Donald Trump's foreign policy advisor, and Joseph Mifsud were both at the LCILP while dragging Donald Trump's presidential campaign into Russia's orbit. There are now tales of 'dirt' on Hillary Clinton being discussed as they dined at London's cafes with 'Putin's niece'.

Putin doesn't have a niece. Possible acts of espionage are being mentioned in unsealed indictments at the US Department of Justice. Robert Mueller's team are meticulously working through the links between Trump's campaign and Russia. Mifsud is being setup as the 'smoking gun' by the media.LCILP needs to be investigated by British authorities.

The TrumpRussia scandal also reaches to the highest levels of state. Boris Johnson is now being dragged in for being pictured with Mifsud. LCILP is the main hub in all of this, but it is a ratherodd organisation. Peter Dovey, the registered owner of LCILP is not a lover of autocrats. Putin and his goons are everything he hates.

Dovey is a progressive solicitor. There is little information in public on his political links in the UK, however he worked with legendary hippy, George San Martin. San Martin left the US in 1999 and went to work for Stanley Clinton-Davis, a major Labour Party politician. Dovey is also a director of Agincourt House, in Dartmouth. San Martin wanted to use Agincourt House as a venue for arts and cultural events.

Dovey and San Martin helped setup the Police Station Defence Service (PSDS), a progressive legal service which operated during the 1990s. George San Martin, now deceased, was Mexican. He embraced the heady political and social scene of 70s San Francisco. San Martin worked with Dennis Peron at the Big Top commune, a cannabis store located in the Castro District of San Francisco.

Castro is a colourful and vibrant area which mixes artisans and political activists. The local stores are mixed with organic produce, marijuana and local craft. Big Top also doubled up as the campaign headquarters for Harvey Milk, the first openly gay politician in US history. San Martin asked Peron to emigrate to the UK and run Agincourt House, but it never materialized. Nagi Idris and Jacky Sharratt of LCILP also worked for PSDS.     

San Martin and Peron are major figures in progressive folklore of America. They stuck it to the man and often won. They helped to get Proposition 215 passed in California. George Soros helped to fund the campaign. When digging into their activities there is an amusing tale about Peron being shot in the leg during a drug bust. He quipped that undercover police officershad longer hair than him and he thought it was a robbery.

Watergate had an actual crime as a hub for that investigation, but this #TrumpRussia investigation is something different. It was launched because the Democratic National Committee (DNC) wanted information on Trump's connections to Russia and subsequently they wanted answers to who had hacked John Podesta, the chairman of Hillary's presidential campaign. The Podesta hacks happened in March 2016 around the same time LCILP staff were getting involved in dubious links with Russia. The DNC, through their lawyers tasked Christopher Steele's Orbis Business Intelligence to work on Trump connections and the Podesta leaks/hacks.

Rebecca Peters, formerly of LCILP, is featured in photos alongside George Papadopoulos while he was in London trying to get 'dirt' on Hillary. Peters is now at The Open Society's Asia Foundation. A major element of George Soros and the Clinton Foundations network. 

Nagi Idris, a partner with Peter Dovey at LCILP, is also the main figure behind the World Association for Sustainable Development (WASD). WASD brings together LCILP members such as Christopher Chagnon, David Hanton, Martin Wilson and Kelli McGuire. WASD's Project Manager David Hanton (LCILP) used to work for the Grameen Bank of Bangladesh and the Institute of Liberty and Democracy in Peru- both organisations have been helped by the Clinton Foundation in the past.

The loose ties of LCILP to progressive politics and people associated with Clinton Foundation associates raises serious questions. Andrew Friedman of LCILP worked for Just Consulting, a curious Washington lobbying firm also working on Bangladesh. Are they all connected?

Muhammed  Yunus, the founder of Grameen Bank has come under fire over the last few years in Bangladesh because he is being accused by Sheikh Hasina, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh of working with Hillary Clinton to stop the World Bank from funding the Padma Bridge, a major infrastructure programme in helping Bangladesh to develop.

It is now subject of a Congressional investigation because Sajeeb Wazed, the son of Sheikh Hasina and a US resident was threatened with an IRS audit by State officials if he didn't get his mother to change her mind on Grameen Bank and the Clinton Foundation.

A dodgy dossier was produced for the World Bank involving kickbacks and a Canadian firm. Canadian authorities investigated the company and cleared it of wrong doing. Washington lobbyists, including the Podesta Group, working for suspected war criminals in Bangladesh developed relations with Grameen to show Shiekh Hasina was running a vindictive campaign against her political opposition. The question we must ask is are the investigations linked?

Joseph Mifsud, the man believed to be the Russian agent at the centre of this scandal, is pro-European. He helped Malta negotiate its entry into the European Union. He is also a social democrat. He has a close friendship with Gianni Pittella, the head of the Socialists and Democrats (S&D) within the EU.

Pittella hates the thought of Russian backed populists gaining ground in the EU. He hates Brexit, Trump and Nigel Farage. Pittella hates the networkso much he attended Hillary's and the DNC's launch party for the presidential campaign and spoke strongly against Trump. Mifsud has betrayed Pitella's friendship and socialist cause. However, that might not be totally accurate. Italy'sLa Repubblica newspaper interviewed Mifsud shortly after the story broke. Mifsud said 'the only foundation I'm a member of is the Clinton Foundation.' This article suggests he might be telling the truth.

Russia has been interfering in elections for years. It's not debatable, it's fact. The recent Congressional investigations into Russian interference in the US Presidential elections of 2016 have producedrevelations that Facebook and Twitter have been turning a blind eye to Russian interference in US political issues because they didn't want to turn away Russian roubles is hard to swallow.Social media is now ingrained in our collective DNA.

A major shock to the system.  Russia justifiably accused the EU and the US for helping run the Colour Revolutions in Eastern Europe. We were guilty and the social media revolutionaries, veterans of the Colour Revolution, also helped manufacture the Arab Spring.  This looks like Russian payback. The tit-for-tat needs to stop.

The British parliament needs to start an inquiry because Mifsud is linked to intelligence figures and diplomats. At the London Academy of Diplomacy (LAD) he had access to young diplomats and spies. If he is the Russian 'smoking gun' then it's a major security breach. If Joseph Mifsud is connected to Hillary's DNC we need to get to the bottom of it too. The writer is a journalist and researcher

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