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Glimpse of 'God particle' and detection of gravitational wave

Glimpse of 'God particle' and detection of gravitational wave

A celebrity of towering height as she is, defining metaphorically, I call her 'Nina, pretty ballerina,' a prodigy of cosmic dance with a crown of a primordial dancing queen of immeasurable difference. As versatile and unique of her kind as she is, she doesn't need a space to perform and show her feat, rather with the melody, rhythm and daunting jolt of her cosmic dance; she catalyzes to create space and time when she appears on occasion for a trillionth of a second. She once came 13.7 billons years ago as a 'mid-wife' ordained by the 'Grand-Designer' to create a cataclysmic big-bang for accelerating the process of birth of our Universe.

With her unparallel and irreversible acquired cosmic command, energy and matter had started gathering mass from the state of singularity traversing in all directions covering a radius of 47 billion light years in the void of space. Guess, who am I speaking of? Yes, I speak of elusive Higgs-Boson, fondly called 'god particle' or 'dancing queen'.

After 4 billion years of her first appearance, by a cosmic jugglery, millions of galaxies including our home galaxy- the Milky Way were created. After another 4 billion years, our solar system with her 9 offspring came into being to give a formation of our mother Earth after another 500 million years. Origin of Life on Earth started pulsating after another 600 million years.

According to Cosmic Calendar designed by Carl Sagan (Ref: Dragons of Eden) by compressing an estimated 12 billion years into 12 months, then the first human appeared at 11:00 pm on Dec, 31 i.e the last day of so called Cosmic Calendar.

Emergence of experimental method in science began at 11:59:59 pm on the New Year night of Dec, 31, while 'widespread development of science and technology, emergence of global culture, acquisition of the means for self destruction of the human species; first steps in space-craft planetary exploration and the search for extraterrestrial intelligence' began in the first hour (present time) of a new Cosmic Calendar.

Humans with great cravings and passions for deciphering the encrypted mystery of creation, wandered thousands of years in their arbor of imagination to know the secrets of birth of the universe and to track down the mysterious 'mid-wife' who played a pivotal role during birth time under the supreme command of the 'Grand Designer.'

Hundreds of years long scientific observation and experiment passed through the maze of human ingenuity suggested that the universe came into existence from the singularity caused by a big-bang without precisely knowing which force had actually triggered the detonation of big-bang.

Pursuant to long enduring observation and experiment, scientists have been relentlessly searching to identify and track down that wonder sub-atomic particle which once appeared and played a role 13.7 billion years ago to cause big-bang as pre-condition for birth of the universe.

The sub atomic particle Higgs-Boson, which is herein referred, is none other than the 'dancing queen' or 'god particle' metaphorically portrayed in the beginning of this piece. Quest of the scientists to glimpse and capture her and to know her nature, beauty and behavioral pattern is unending.

I just imagine sporadically but am not sure if Tagore, walked through his arbour of imagination and yearned for glimpsing the elusive 'god particle' in his life time. But certainly, in his song, Tagore allegorically longed for glimpsing an elusive object alike a whinnying fawn which roams within deepest of his dreams. Tagore wrote: "Maya bono biharini horini/Gohono shopono shoncharini/keno tare dhoribare koripon okaron?"  (Wandering doe of the enchanted forest/who roams within the deepest (of my) dreams/ why do I want to capture her?/Is there a reason?"

In 1924, a Bengali scientist named Dr. Sattayndranath Bose who once had taught physics at the University of Dhaka, theoretically conceived of a mysterious particle which could have possibly triggered a big-bang. Dr. Bose's theoretical findings could not merit much interest of scientists in Europe in those days till such time master physicist Albert Einstein recognized the essence of his scientific paper and published it in German language to attract the attention of the contemporary European scientists.

With Albert Einstein's support, the particle earned a name and fame as Boson in association with the name of Dr. Sattayandranath Bose. It was still a long way to go to prove the particle beyond doubt under the hard gaze of laboratory experiment.

In 1983, Dr. Peter Higgs---a Scottish scientist at the Edinburgh University corroborated with the works of Dr. Bose and through his theoretical observation confirmed the existence of Boson particle responsible for triggering big-bang.
His scientific findings acclaimed international recognition and the particle was subsequently named Higgs-Boson. Since 1983, scientist worked day and night at lab to have a glimpse of the elusive 'whinnying fawn' that never appears at lab.

In 1980s, the American scientific establishment in Texas, USA spent the colossal amount of $12 billion from their coffers in their quest for tracking Higgs-Boson. At last having failed to have a glimpse of their most desired object, out of deep frustration and due to budgetary cut by the US Congress, they had to give up the project.

But the European scientific organization CERN did not lose their breath. With a large team of 6000 scientists they continued their experiment through a long 27 KM underground tunnel near Franco-Swiss border named LHC (Large Hadron Collider) by smashing sub-atomic particles with each other at a speed a little shorter than the speed of light.

Swinging in between the labyrinth of hope and despair for years, at last the experiments saw the light of success on July 4, 2012. Higgs-Boson--- the elusive 'dancing queen' a long cherished darling of the astrophysicists at last gave a glimpse as 'god particle' for an imaginary time equal to trillionth fraction of a second amidst fear and suspicion of some scientists who thought that the occurrence would cause another mini big-bang at CERN lab leading to planet Earth's doomsday.

Thanks God that nothing of such dreadful situation happened and the earth survived with proudly glimpsing the 'god particle' for an imaginary time of trillionth of a second which remained elusive so long from the scientists' gaze.

It is really flabbergasting to imagine such a fraction of imaginary time frame on which Higgs-Boson gave a glimpse of her elusive appearance. To the bad luck of scientists in America who had walked miles to have a glimpse of this elusive particle but had to call them off from the race in the mid-way, European scientists toasted Higgs-Boson's appearance with great celebration to open a new frontier in their quest to know the mystery of the universe.

To have a glimpse of this elusive sub-atomic particle so long remained shrouded in mystery is undoubtedly a great milestone in the long path of major scientific achievements. Walking into the grey of gloaming, with a Nobel Prize laurel, octogenarian Dr. Peter Higgs celebrated the occasion along with the working scientists at CERN, emotionally charged, while Dr. Sattayandranath Bose must have watched the party of celebration from across the boundary of the universe in some other dimension he is probably staying in.

Elusive sub-atomic particle Higgs-boson which triggered big-bang towards creating the universe equally created tremendous shock waves and gravitational waves living a permanent imprint on the cosmos that may still be perceptible today. Scientists have been working day and night for years to trace the waves.

At last scientific wisdom successfully prevailed in detecting the waves on August 14, 2017 at the Virgo detector and two U.S. detectors that make up the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) and observed the ripples in space-time caused by two black-holes smashing into each other and merging.

'All gravitational waves so far detected came from pairs of black holes spiraling towards one another and then colliding their colossal masses warping space-time as they merge. Occurrences of colliding two black holes creating gravitational wave are located 1.80 billion light years away from Earth.'

Such collisions of black holes are presumably happening constantly in the different remote zones of the universe, gravitational wave of which will one day reach the Earth after millions or billions years after. I wonder, if human race will survive up to such length to detect the wave which is tremendously traversing to reach the Earth at the speed of light. Incredible capacity of human brain, if utilized one hundred percent in future as against present rate of ten percent utilization only, will trigger such ingenuity and scientific wisdom in humans which will perhaps facilitate human race to survive for another million of years, if not on planet Earth, in some other destination of our home galaxy through interstellar migration in future, as I reason.

'Scientists have been trying to work out-the precise size of the universe for decades. Gravitational waves, however, produce a characteristic sound that tells us how far away their source is.' The stunning discovery in detecting the gravitational wave---the ripples in space-time first predicted by Albert Einstein 100 years ago, has brought in Nobel Prize in physics, 2017 for 3 U.S. Scientists: Professor Rainer Weiss, Professor Barry C Barish and Professor Kip S Thorne.

It is my proud privilege to mention at this point that two U.S. based Bangladeshi scientists: Professor Selim Shahriar and Professor Dipankar Talukder who led separately team of scientists to detect gravitational waves in their designated laboratories.

Higgs-Boson- the metaphorical 'dancing queen' or 'god particle' in whatsoever name we may call it, is now glimpsed at CERN lab. Two massive black holes smashed with each other 1.80 billion light year from Earth with leaving gravitational wave which has been detected at LIGO in August 2017.

But the scientists around the world still have a long way to go to decode the mystery of the condition on which Higgs-Boson acted 13.7 billion years ago at the command i.e. 'koon faiya koon,' (Be! and it is) of the 'Grand Designer' Who exists in infinity and governs the astral skies and human destiny. "Therefore, glory be to Him in Whose hand is the domination over all things."- Al-Quran.

The writer is a former civil servant

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