Published:  12:47 AM, 27 November 2017

Top ten beauty tips for fall

Top ten beauty tips for fall

From the best way to get glowing skin to a new secret for better blowouts, we've got the season's must-have tips, tricks, and products for looking great every day.

Give skin the spa touch: The latest way to get amazing skin: Power up your face-washing routine with a rotating cleansing brush, the at-home facial appliance derms are buzzing about. "The micro-massaging bristles help loosen trapped makeup and dirt without additional scrubbing," says Tina Alster, MD, clinical professor of dermatology at Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington, DC. "Plus, we've seen conditions like acne and rosacea start to clear up when these brushes are used."

Paint your nails olive: Military green on your nails? The shade surprisingly flatters all skin tones and pops against the fashion colors that are hot now-like plum and navy.

Smooth your hair, safely: Okay, so you don't want to shell out $300 for a salon hair-straightening treatment-or worse, risk being exposed to the toxic formaldehyde still being used in some. Good news: You can get frizz-free at home. New kits work like the salon service, using keratin to temporarily fill in holes in the hair shaft-without formaldehyde. Shampoo or spritz on the formula, dry your hair, then (and this is the key) seal in sleekness by flat-ironing. The result is smooth hair for up to thirty days.

Be a natural (brow) beauty: Don't go all tweezer-happy-full brows are more flattering. "Tweeze strays where necessary, then fill in your brows with a pencil one shade lighter than your natural brow color," says celebrity brow expert Robert Bolanos. This creates a softer, more natural effect-using the same shade can look harsh.

Make over your makeup: If you're not already hooked on mineral makeup, now's the time to get in on this healthy trend. The latest mineral finds boast good-for-your-skin ingredients like soybean extract and seaweed, in addition to being free of preservatives, synthetics, and artificial oils.

Try the new cut that's good on everyone: When you're feeling the need for a hair change-up, consider the bob-the hottest chop around. "Besides looking great on all face shapes, it can be styled straight or wavy and still look chic," says Dimitrios Tsioumas, creative director at Mizu New York salon. For the newest version, stylists suggest either going shorter (stopping at the jawline) and razor-cutting layers all over for a softer, not-so-perfect finish, or trying the slightly longer, below-the-chin option.

Upgrade your brush: A new line of hair brushes from Conair uses innovative shapes to give a bigger root boost or soft, cascading waves.

Free your inner redhead: No wonder celebs like Drew Barrymore and Scarlett Johansson have recently experimented with going red: The color is known to warm up all skin tones, says William George, owner of James Joseph Salon in Boston. The simplest way to get it? An at-home foam hair color, which is drip-free and spreads easily. (Go for copper if you're fair, auburn for olive skin, and mahogany for dark tones.)

Soften your skin with oil: Heavy creams aren't the only way to hydrate when the weather, and your skin, get dry. Facial oils are just as moisturizing, and sink in quicker-meaning you don't have to wait long to apply makeup. "They're packed with hydrating fatty acids and feel very light.

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