Published:  12:36 AM, 06 December 2017

Not only tasty but also healthy

Not only tasty but  also healthy

Wood Apple season is going on. This sweet-sour tasted fruit is well known to us. From middle November to third week of December it's season usually remain in Bangladesh. Whatever the taste is sour or sweet, but it's mouthwatering.

With red chili powder and salt - it's usually taken, young generation like it most. We take it through many processes, but chili powder and salt is mandatory. Sometimes we take it by making a hole on the bob-spot of the shell, with a thin bamboo stick. And sometimes we take it by breaking the whole shell. Inner flesh is full of edible fiber and seeds with citrus-smell. Ripe fruit's flesh is darker in color than the unripe. In Bengali it's called 'Kotbel', scientific name Limonia acidissima.

From where, when and who took it in our sub continental context, it has debates. But we are taking it as our native fruit item from the primitive time. The tree is a large type and grows up to 30 feet tall, with uneven-bumpy-rugged bark. Its pinnate leaves have 5-9 leaflets, wood are not so much hard but with some unusual shape. So they are not suitable for making furniture of something else, which is tuned.

In the season it's available in fruit's shops, bazaar, departmental stores and to street hawkers. Often hawkers sell it just front of school and college for the tiffin hour, as the youth has deep fascination on its sweet-sour taste. Mainly the girls have the large one on it. After Tamarind and Raw Olive, girls are attracted most for wood apple. I didn't find any girl, who has no affection for this fruit. It won't vary on their age levels.

I mean every aged-female has a pure fascination on wood apple. On the other hand, wood apple smash with chili powder and salt is favorite to all aged-people of any gender. Mainly it's taking by considering its taste; but it has some momentous health benefits too.

It has plenty of edible fiber, vitamins, calcium, proteins, iron, which bring much more benefits to our health. Per 100 gm wood apple contains water 85.6 gm, minerals - 2.2 gm, protein - 3.5 gm, fat - 0.1 gm, carbohydrates - 8.6 gm, calcium - 5.9 mg, iron - 0.6 mg, vitamin B - 0.80 mg, vitamin C - 13 mg and per 100 gm wood apple contains 49 kilocalories energy. Here are some benefits -

*   Helpful for good digestion - it is full of edible fiber, which brings developments to our digestion systems and increases that gradually.

*    Prevents constipation - It has a property called laxative, which is very helpful  against constipation. To find a good result we need to separate the fleshy part and make smash with salt and black pepper. Consuming this mixer would bring good result.

*    Increase immunity - wood apple has plenty of vitamin C and antioxidant, which make our immunity system stronger than before.

*    Excellent sources of energy - it's pretty rich in calories and so ingredients, which work as the tremendous source of energy to our body. Taking drink with Jaggery or Molasses and salt mix, can instantly reduce our tiredness and would boost our enthusiasm for works.

*    Works against Peptic Ulcer and Piles - one of its most notable ingredients is Tannin and Phenols compound, which are rich in antioxidant and extremely reduce inflammation of our body. Thus it works well against peptic ulcer and piles.

*    Removes liver and Kidney problems - it is wonderful source of Thiamine, Riboflavin and beta-carotene, which positive enough to remove problems of liver and Kidneys.

The writer is a Sub-Editor of The Asian Age

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