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How royal romance and weddings have changed over time

How royal romance and weddings have changed over time

Once there was a time when royal weddings would take place among the royal and noble families. The emperors and monarchs of Europe would choose with whom they would arrange marriage of their children. There was hardly any 'royal romance' in the dictionary of the noble families.

 They used to consider themselves the master race to rule Europe and beyond. These arranged marriages were called the notorious royal marriages because they used to take place among cousins. Thus the rulers used to consolidate and expand their imperial rules in Europe.

These royal families had so many rules and barriers that their children were bound to follow them, they had literally no rights whatsoever as royal family members when it came to choosing their own life partners. The emperors and empresses' choices were their children's choices.

Since the children had no opinions about their love and romance, sometimes, they would fall in love with their spouses after marriage or make extramarital affairs. For example, the Emperor Franz Joseph and Elisabeth's son Rudolf, 1858 - 1889, the crown prince of Austro-Hungarian Empire, committed suicide when his father asked him to bring an end to his extramarital affair. In the history of Europe, it is called Hapsburg Tragedy at Mayerling or ''Love Deaths''.

Christian IX, King of Denmark with a German origin (1818 - 1906), was called the father-in-law of Europe because his cousin and wife procreated six children whom they married into royal families across Europe. That time such marriages were so prevalent that they refused to allow anyone who was not of blueblood to marry their children. Inbreeding, genetic diseases and birth defect would go hand in hand due to intermarriage. They would almost share the same bloodline. Some royal families used to speak German as the lingua franca to communicate among the different royal families, so was Latin.

Since the British Royal family originally came from Germany, which had a special relationship embodied in cooperation with royal marriages among their German cousins until the WWI. Historians say that it was Queen Victoria who proposed to her German cousin Prince Albert for marriage. All of her nine children got married into European monarchies. That was the tradition then that all royal family members got into arranged marriage across Europe. There was a little scope of premarital romance, sex and then the wedding in that era.

King-emperor Edward the 8th abdicated the throne in order to get married a twice-divorced American socialite, Wallis Simpson, and he had exiled to Paris, where he lived through many hardships until his last breath. There are so many similarities between King Edward and Prince Harry, a ginger-haired man of 33 years old. Both of them fell in love with American women.

The King's wife was two years younger than him and Harry's fiancé is 3 years older than him. Some British people would taunt Wallis Simpson for her affair with the King, calling her an American whore, the vast majority of them wanted him to remain king and marry her.

 But it was the British Royal family that wanted him to go to exile for marrying his love by disobeying the royal rules and tradition, and also there was a constitutional crisis following their marriage. Like Wallis Simpson, Meghan Markle, a raven-haired glamorous American TV actress, is also a divorcee who lived as a married couple for two years after marrying Trevor Engelson, an owner of movie and Television talent management navigation named 'Underground Films.'

Time is a great factor. A huge amount of water has flowed under the bridge. Then and now have a significant difference. Before, during and after the First World War, some of the European monarchies transformed into the republic, bringing an end to the centuries of mostly Germanic Kingship in Europe, and with that collapse of kingship, all the barriers concerning to the royal marriages burst so fast like a soap bubble Blood has never been blue. So there is no such thing as blue blood.

Harry has fallen in love with a woman who is a biracial having Caucasian and African heritage. Actually, it was Ms Meghan Markle who proposed him. None of the royal family members so far expressed their resentments over Prince Harry's wedding to Meghan. Some say princes Diana would be happy to see her son prince harry get hitched with Meghan because like Diana Meghan is a philanthropist too.

Both have a dedication to humanitarian work. Some experts say this royal wedding will be a groundbreaking, but also a controversial one. This wedding goes against all the royal protocol, tradition and royal values because the Queen is a protestant and the head of the church of London, and Meghan was raised as a Catholic. Despite having all the differences, Queen Elizabeth already accepted their engagement and the marriage is going to take place in the next spring. So it seems the British Royal Family moves with the times.
But a wave of harassment, sexism, and racism that Meghan had faced after their relationship surfaced. Both Prince Harry and Kensington Palace condemned the media and social media intrusion of Meghan and him in two separate statements. It seems Meghan is going to quit her acting career following engagement to Harry. She intends to become a UK citizen after marriage to her fiancé.

The writer, a Bangladeshifreethinker, is based in Toronto, Canada

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