Increasing power of creativity and proactivity -The Asian Age

Protiva Rani Karmaker

In this age of speed people seem to have forgotten the simple pleasures of life specially the younger generations do not get much time to indulge in any sort of creativity as they are burdened with academic pressure and expectations. 

Moreover as human being we sometimes cannot guess how much capable we are in showing our excellence through creativity and pro-activity. Indeed one must foster creativity and pro-activity for attaining all round development.  This write up will focus on possible ways to develop creativity and pro-activity.

Creativity: Creativity is the beauty of life, and at the same time unique quality of human being. We make new things, gain new knowledge out of curiosity, share innovative ideas through some innovative ways instead of copying what others do and here lies the influencing role of creativity. 

Though there are no set rules for being creative as it springs sometimes from inside, there are few strategies to be creative:
Increasing power of observation: Be a good observer. We have apparently two eyes to view the earthly affairs. There are inside eyes to observe and feel our surroundings and circumstances. 

Truly creative people try to develop their ability to observe and use all their sense to create a new things sometimes out of old, sometimes out of own imagination.  From observation they get the 'input' regarding their basic needs of 'time' and scope of 'creativity' to meet up the needs. They remain very sharp and keen.

Increasing power of innovation: Be innovative to break the monotony of life. Monotony brings tiredness what hampers smooth progress in work.  Innovation is based on new knowledge.  

So to be creative, we need to be knowledgeable. You have to read more on different topics. Apart from limiting your study of only text books, you have to study contemporary and updated issues to relate and connect as well as to create.

Increasing learning habit from new experiences: From different experiences gather different knowledge and utilize it through reasoning and represent it in creative way to others. Thus you can embrace diversity. Enjoy variety as the spice of life and develop positive attitude towards life and reality. Ordain your surroundings and practice gathering holistic knowledge on any topic not a part of it. 

Increasing Capability to Create and Accept New Things: We can create new things out of old through creativity. For that we need to think out of the covered Box. Schools, Colleges and universities should take proper initiatives to make sure that creative students or learners are getting positive feedback not negative from the institute. 

The question pattern should also be changed. But for being creative we should not neglect all that is good for human being.  Because being creative does not mean being negligible towards Old what is treated sometimes as Gold.

Proactivity: Those who are pro-active can face a problem with courage and proficiency. They remain always prompt and active. They tend to believe that they can create positive result even in adverse situation. 

In other words, pro-active leaders can manage themselves appropriately as well as inspire others by dint of their compassionate behavior, loyalty, integrity, straightforwardness, calmness, direct-attitude, fair view, politeness, positivity and  deep-insight. 

A proactive person also remains sincere and smart from inside. They keep on improving themselves to adapt and change. They attain success within a short time. They study smarter though sometime not harder. They think their mind as a sponge to understand things very quickly and response accordingly. 

Life never pardons any wrong done by us willingly or unwillingly. Remaining careful and alert for such wrong is essential. Even when you face a problem for such wrong remain calm but active and sometimes more active to recover it and even when there is no visible way, create your own path to start afresh. 

This power of recovery is the source of our strength as human being to attain all-round development. So creativity and pro-activity sometimes go together. The man who is creative can be pro-active too.

The writer is Director and Associate Professor of English, Institute of Modern Languages (IML) of Jagannath University, Dhaka, Bangladesh.