Heritage of Natore -The Asian Age

Uttara Gonobhaban is located at Rajshahi - Bogra Highway, Dighapatia, Natore - 6400. Besides this landmark,there are eight more landmarks listed in Natore. There's also four attractions listed in this district in other categories.

Uttara Gonobhaban, once the royal palace of the maharajas of Dighapatia in Natore, and now functioning as the provisional official residence of the head of government in the northern region.

Uttara Gonabhaban, which was known as Dighapatia Rajbari during the British and Pakistan periods, was the palace of the Maharajas of Dighapatia. 

The government is now using the palace as official residence of the head of government of Bangladesh in northern region. Situated beside the Natore-Bogra highway, some 2.4 kilometres off Natore town, the building is historically and archaeologically important.

Raja Dayaram Roy constructed the main structure of the palace, but Raja Pramada Nath Roy rebuilt the whole palace complex after the catastrophic earthquake in 1897.

The Dighapatia Palace was made Dighapatia Governor House on July 24 in 1967 by the governor of erstwhile East Pakistan. After the country's independence, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman declared the Dighapatia Governor House as Uttara Gonobhaban on February 9, 1972.