Crown Flower -The Asian Age

We can see two types of Akanda in Bangladesh: Large Akanda and Small Akanda. Its botanical name is Calotropis gigantea. Akanda flowers blossom though out the year. However, they blossom most profusely during the summer and the rainy season. Many flowers blossom at a time in clusters. 

The flowers have a mixed color of white and violet. The leaves are green and both their sides are covered by a white powder like substance. If one tears one of its leaves or breaks one of its branches one will find something like white milk oozing out of it. 

This white juice has certain useful chemical properties. It serves a very useful purpose when applied to a cut wound human body. It is useful in the treatment of skin diseases, too. The juice of the Akanda root helps cure cough and stomach ailments. Akanda plant grows on dry and high land by roadside and hillocks.