A flower slain before it could bloom -The Asian Age

Another 15th August has come back to us once again with the remorseful memories of the assassination of father of the nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and his dearest family members. The killing of Bangabandhu is the greatest tragedy in the history of Bangladesh. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was the architect of the independence of Bangladesh. 

He was the first dreamer of Bangladesh's freedom and sovereignty and he transformed his dream into reality with his own devotion, uprightness and peerless leadership. But as a nation we are so unfortunate that the monumental leader who brought us independence was so ruthlessly murdered by the anti-liberation culprits.

Dark clouds of misfortune overshadowed the sky of Bangladesh through the tragic death of Bangabandhu. At the same time it comes back to our minds with immeasurable grief that Bangabandhu's youngest son Sheikh Russell who was just 10 years of age during 1975 was also killed by the heartless assassins. 

Through the murder of Sheikh Russell, a flower that resided inside his juvenile body got slain too. It is a hideous evidence that the killers who carried out these murders had no humanity.

Innocence, patriotism, integrity and all other divine attributes are never honored by the vicious people who opposed the Liberation War of 1971 and who still do not appreciate the secular spirit of the nation that attained independence with the blood of three million martyrs.

Sheikh Russell was born in 1964. If he was alive he would be a full-grown man by now. We would have seen Bangabandhu's vibrant reflection in Sheikh Russell's gestures and words if he was around us at this time. But we are not lucky enough.

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was very fond of reading books. Books on philosophy, history, global geopolitics, famed statesmen were most favorites to Bangabandhu. Bertrand Russell was one of the philosophers that Bangabandhu admired most. 

Bangabandhu was so much impressed by the philosophical ideas of Bertrand Russell that he named his youngest son after this celebrated philosopher. It unveils the fact that Bangabandhu was fond of reading philosophic books and he had a strong leaning towards the life stories of esteemed philosophers and global think-tank.

Sheikh Russell would have perhaps become someone adulated like Bertrand Russell if he was spared by the killers. Sheikh Russell wanted to go back to his beloved "Hasu Apa" when murderers aimed their guns at the child's chest. But his two elder sisters Sheikh Hasina and Sheikh Rehana were abroad when the killings took place. Sheikh Hasina and Sheikh Rehana thus survived the assassination. 

Sheikh Hasina has been leading Bangladesh with all her endeavors and integrity as the country's Prime Minister for last several years. 

All people of the country who love Bangladesh all the time pray for the good health and long life of both Sheikh Hasina and Sheikh Rehana. Sheikh Russell loved chocolates. He loved his family. The beastly murderers took away Russell's life but he is ever immortal in the minds of all patriotic people of Bangladesh. 

Sheikh Russell

Childhood is the sweetest time in everyone's life. Sheikh Russell had a lovely childhood too but the bullets from the guns of killers snatched away his smile too early. Sheikh Russell's immaculate face on the pages of books and newspapers, on posters and on banners remind us of the catastrophe that bolted Bangladesh on 15th August 1975.

At the same time Sheikh Russell is still a source of inspiration for today's youngsters who will be driving the country forward in days to come. 

We will have to transform our sorrow into strength by elevating Bangladesh to the status of a prosperous nation which would be the greatest tribute to the divine memories of Sheikh Russell and the other martyrs who were killed on 15th August 1975.

The history of Bangladesh's struggle for independence is marked with bloodbaths. Bangladesh defeated the Pakistani occupation forces during 1971 by means of the valor and sacrifices of three million martyrs. We got our nationhood, our flag and this beautiful landscape by fighting the fierce war of 1971 under the unwavering leadership of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

Classical poets from different countries wrote timeless verses on the beauty of childhood and the sublimity of kids. Rabindranath Tagore, Kazi Nazrul Islam, William Blake, Walt Whitman and many more bards glorified the resplendence of small boys and girls whose giggles, appearances and frolicking have always added heavenly traits to this world.

Sheikh Russell is no more around us but the remembrances he has left behind will keep on emboldening us to love Bangladesh more profoundly and to fortify the society with all required privileges for children.

The youths of today should be encouraged to gain more knowledge on Sheikh Russell. While writing about the pathetic death of Sheikh Russell, we should raise our voices to ensure the safety of all children of the world. 

At present different parts of the world are going through armed conflicts and civil wars. Lots of civilians including children are getting killed. We condemn attacks on all boys and girls. We should work together to build up a world where kids will not fall victims to political vengeance.

The writer is Editor-in-Chief, The Asian Age