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Mohammad Faridul Islam (born on March 10, 1977) is a Bangladeshi golf teaching professional. He has completed the B category course successfully from NGAI (National Golf Academy of India) this year.

Besides him, another golf teaching professional from Bangladesh Md Fardeen Islam also passed level "B" category teaching professional course 2018 from NGAI. This two teaching professionals are the first "B" category teaching professionals in Bangladesh. At present, Bangladesh also has five certified C Category and many non-certified teaching pros.

The National Golf Academy of India is the first accredited program for teaching professionals in the country. The program is supported by the Indian Golf Union, The R&A and the PGA of Europe. Since its inception in 2004 the NGAI has accredited 275 teaching professionals from all over India and the neighboring countries. In 2008 it established its first centre in Chandigarh at the CGA from where it has been operating ever since.

The program offers all individuals who are desirous of becoming teaching professionals the opportunity to attend training programs to learn how to teach golf. Through a system of testing and examination all individuals are graded from Class D to Class A with Class A being the highest level one can currently achieve vide this program. This program is today providing many young golfers the opportunity to learn the game correctly from the very beginning under the able guidance of properly trained teaching professionals.

Mohammad Faridul Islam is associated with golf since 1990 starting at Kurmitola Golf Club, Dhaka. At that time he was a student of class VIII. From that time passion for golf arose in his mind. After completing HSC education in 1994 he started learning the Rules of golf, Handicap formula and its impact on scoring results. In the year 2001, He was selected Golf Instructor for Mainamoti Golf And Country Club.

He worked there with Development Committee, Handicap Committee, and Tournament Committee up to January 2017. He successfully passed "D" and "C" category teaching professional course from NGAI in 2015 and 2016 respectively. Now he is working as the head coach of Rangpur Golf and Country Club. Here he is conducting junior golf training program to build future golfers from the north side of Bangladesh.

Faridul Islam feels himself really very happy that Almighty Allah has paid him on his immense potential to become a "B" category certified golf teaching professional. This achievement encourages him to devote rest of his life to build golfers flourish in the country. Actually golf is not only a profession to him but also passion.

On question about future plan, Faridul Islam says that he has completed teaching professional course level D, C and B category successfully. So these encourage him to work more hard to fulfill his student's expectations from the game, as well as in the tournament. So he is learning the science of golf swing, science of ball flight and how a champion thinks, from various sources.

He is also preparing for NGAI Level "A" course exam 2020, then PGA teaching professional course subsequently. In 2016' he had conducted Junior Golf training program and skill development internee course from Pro touch Golf Academy, India. Next year he has plan for "TPI" and "Aim Point" Course.

According to him, golf is called a gentle man's game, elite game and very expensive game, but this is really very enjoyable game and health beneficial too. He suggests interested persons learn golf from qualified coach ?to save time, money, physical fitness, and to enjoy game. Because improper practice cannot make a man perfect even wasting total time of life but only perfect practice can make a man perfect in a short time.

Bangladesh Golf is growing up its level on more height day to day in the every section of golf. BGF, BGA, KGC, BGCC, MGCC, RGCC and other golf clubs of the country are working to promote golf in Bangladesh.  Asian Tour, ADT, PGTI tournaments are held in Bangladesh now.

Mohammad Siddikur Rahman, a pride golfer of the country, raised the national flag of Bangladesh in Olympic. It's obviously a great achievement for Bangladesh. He is participating in Europe Tour now. This is another achievement of Bangladeshi golf.  Many other young star golfers are also doing well.

Now the question is 'Why the country doesn't have 20 more golfers like Siddikur Rahman even after long time?' Faridul Islam thinks that it is all about the financial support to our professional golfers in their crisis moment. They need swing trainer, fitness trainer for golf specific exercise, yoga trainer, mental toughness trainer, nutritionist, appropriate diet, enough practice facilities, appropriate equipment and apparels to suit their swing, and they need to participate in various tournaments on the tour.

As money is behind everything and at the same time golf is an expensive game, so proper financial support is a must for our golfers like Cricket players to build many more players like Siddikur Rahman or even more better. So on behalf of all amateur and professional young star players, Faridul Islam like to request sports ministry and individual sponsors to come forward and shake hands with all organizations to build golfers flourish. Then we can only expect great golfers like Tiger Woods & Rory Mcllroy.

The writer is a journlist and works
with The Asian Age