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Language is one of the most effective tools of communication between individual to individual. Languages are put in its present place through a long and enduring evolutionary process from time immemorial. 

Ever since languages evolved in different classes and groups of human race in different geographical locations of the earth, so far as much as 600 languages, are known to have been spoken in different region of the earth. 

Power of speech through the vehicle of language is the rare quality that perhaps only the human race is endowed with. All other species of course, communicate with each other through language in different frequencies, nature of which is yet to be fully known and deciphered by humans by long enduring research. 

Para- psychological studies suggest that other than the vehicle of languages, humans can also communicate with each other through other means of communication like telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience transcending the barriers of distance from one point to point. 

As for example, people seating in the northern hemisphere of the global can communicate with the man staying in the southern hemisphere of the earth in a fraction of minute's time trough para-psychological apparatuses as referred above. 

In the animal kingdom, animals roaming in the jungle can communicate their fellow animals staying in the distant location of the same jungle through a naturally built in effective radar devices and sensors. Ants and bees communicate with each other in wonderful methods beyond humans' perception. 

As per the myth goes by, after long way free fall from the doors of heaven to the earth for their disobedience of the ordain of the Lord, Adam & Eve were gifted with a pair of bullocks for ploughing the virgin land of the earth for growing grains and other necessities of their chores. 

Having not yet tamed and domesticated for the purpose, the defiant bullocks were believed to have had then the power of speech like humans, inwardly felt deeply humiliated and consequently became argumentative with sarcasm and acrimonious words for Adam & Eve for their (Adam & Eve) being punished for disobedience and thrown out from the eternal comfort of Eden to the earth of dust. The Lord of all creations watched the humiliation, in impish smiles, of his 'crown of creation' by a pair of defiant bullocks in such an abominable manner. 

By His will, the Lord ceased the power of speech of the recalcitrant bullocks and reduced them to sound only 'hamba' generation wise till the dooms day as the myth further says. 

Cessation of power of speech like humans by divine order transformed the bullocks into 'gobechara' (poor and innocent cow) drew empathy to Adam & Eve for the bullocks who gradually, over the time, became dear and useful members of the house hold of human race. 

The above myth gives us a clear message that power of speech is a gift of God that the human race is rarely endowed with. Power of speech remains as gift of God as long as it's use is proper and beneficial to mankind with adequate decency and goodness. Abuse of power of speech tends to reduce humans to sound nothing better 'hamba' without any substance or worth. 

To begin the discussion over the captioned subject, I must emphasize at this point that the TV talk-show culture evolved over the last few years has become so popular that the viewers keep themselves glued before the TV set even in late night to watch and relish the talk-shows featuring the subjects of varied interests. 

Talk-shows participated by scholarly academics, seasoned journalists, professional lawyers seasoned bureaucrats and diplomats, cultural activists, skilled technocrats, retired bright military officers, ripe politicians and other scholarly people coming from other disciplines invariably draws attention and special interest to viewers who think that they are immensely enlightened from the discussion of the talk-show in equally making their correct judgment over existing socio-economic-political situation in both local and global perspective with other subjects of varied interests. 

Viewers are amply benefited to shone their own intellectual faculty of mind to correctly assess the socio-economic-political situation prevailing in the world around them. 

Scholarly participants in talk-show with their extensive erudition on the subjects of discussion, adequately imparts knowledge to viewers enabling them to stay properly updated with contemporary local and global matters. 

As long as the TV talk-shows remain in the hands of those person who with their in-depth knowledge on the subject are worthy of talking in the talk-show, they are beneficial to the society. 

But when the talk-shows fall in the wrong hands of ill-educated and unworthy people coming from different profession and disciplines with their fallacious arguments or what we call it sophistry (the word originated from Greek sophisma meaning 'I am wise'), on the basis of shallow and inadequate knowledge, then such talk-shows stands unpalatable with pungent tastes and irritating to the viewers for obvious reasons. 

It has been observed with great concern that such talk-show participants with shallow knowledge or in some cases with no knowledge of what they talk about want to feed the viewers with fallacious logic filled with blatant lies and concoction. 

With their blissful ignorance, such participants at time appear to display their unworthy pedantry for the consumption of viewers whom they, presumably, consider equally ignorant like them. 

Some participants coming from law profession having proclivity with particular political party argue with all fallacious logics in the manner as if they are in the court-room floor to make their professional learned' opponents grounded to win the case. 

Some political activist garbed in different political attire go to the extent of attacking their fellow participants personally with belligerent attitude of entering into scuffling in the floor warranting virtually the anchor of the show to stand between them for neutralizing and calming down the situation. 

It is also shameful to observe that, on occasions, few female political activists attack their fellow participants with indecent and filthy words not even worth mentioning in this piece. 

Overriding and snatching the speech of fellow participants, in all visible indecency with utterly breaking the rule of the game, they often indulge in parading their anger like World Heavyweight wrestlers in the rings, who with their high sounding abrasive rhetoric and parading beastly physical supremacy plays with their rivals like cats playing with mouse to entertain the viewers. 

At times the anchors of the show have to stand between the fighting ladies with the words of 'ceasefire' before they enter into scuffling and pulling each other by hair in all indecency in the talk-show floor in front of viewers. 

Apart from analyzing the loathsome conduct of the ignorant talk show participants of above characteristic feature, it is equally shameful to analyze the conduct of few participants, on occasions, who are highly placed in the society with their past credentials. 

I have been recently disappointed and no less perturbed to hear, in the talk show, from the mouth of a participant, who regularly appears in the talk-show with his past credentials of holding the highest position in the bureaucracy and subsequently heading a Constitutional Body of the country; while discussing on EVM (Electronic Voting Machine) issue on forthcoming election, uttered with his disgust that the proposed purchase deal of EVM with colossal budgetary provision is nothing but a plot or trick to siphon-off large amount of commissions from the deals. 

He further said that this commissions and kickbacks from the future deals have already been distributed among the corrupt quarters in the government including the Election Commission. 

His vitriolic observation appears to be grossly irresponsible in its spirit and content and synonymous to rows that centered around imaginary distribution of commissions and kickbacks on World Bank's proposed Padma Bridge deal which stood futile and unfounded after a long drawn inquiry and investigation conducted by local and global agencies at the end of the day. 

Such unfounded and imaginary allegations spewing from the mouth of a responsible person in the talk-show, is unfortunate and invariably malign the spirit and grandeur of talk-show itself which is widely viewed by the people who are not necessarily ignorant to grasp the subject discussed in the talk show for their consumption. 

In fine, let us hope that the talk-show culture is carried on with adequate decency and based on facts without unpleasant sophistry that often engulf the area of discussion. Let us also pray that humans' power of speech is not ceased by Divine Order for the reason of being abused in TV talk-shows in the manner as it was ceased from bullocks as referred above as per the myth goes by. 

Better we stay alert and talk sense with all decencies and civilized norms in TV talk-show so that it stands more enjoyable and beneficial to the viewers.

The writer is a former civil servant