Worldwide waffling (13.09.2018) -The Asian Age

Hurricane Florence churns through the Atlantic Ocean toward the U.S. East Coast on Tuesday. Florence is expected to make landfall by late Thursday at near Category 5 strength along the Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina coastline.

Florence was expected to blow ashore late Thursday or early Friday, then slow down and wring itself out for days, unloading 30 to 60 centimeters of rain that could cause flooding well inland and wreak environmental havoc by washing over industrial waste sites and hog farms.

"Around 1.7 million people have been told to evacuate ahead of the arrival of Storm Florence on the US east coast." @SkyNews

BREXIT could lead to a renaissance in the UK countryside, with new laws introduced to protect farmers from "unfair trading practices", according to Environment Secretary Michael Gove as he lays out plans for a new Agriculture Bill.
 "Michael Gove was involved in a hard right Govt-in-waiting during clueless Cameron's premiership. Now his treachery's got him what he wanted." @ThatTimWalker

The UK's biggest landowners will see the payments they receive from the public purse fall sharply from 2021 in what would be the biggest shake-up of farming for decades.  Payments under EU's CAP will be replaced by subsidies based on environmental protections.

"Seeing #Agriculture Bill trending and thinking - is he pals with Fireman Sam and Postman Pat? It's going to be that kind of day." @OmandOriginal