Swedish center-right pushes for power -The Asian Age

The leaders of Sweden's center-right opposition Alliance on Wednesday urged the incumbent Social Democrat-led bloc to step aside and help them form a viable government to break a post-election deadlock.

The rise of the far-right Sweden Democrats, shunned by both center-right and center-left, left both big mainstream blocs neck-and-neck, and short of a majority, in Sunday's election. The Alliance has already rejected an informal invitation from the current prime minister, Stefan Lofven, to support a Social Democrat-led government.

"We want to build an Alliance government with support from across the political divide," the leaders of the Moderate, Centre, Christian Democrat and Liberal parties said in a signed article in the daily Dagens Nyheter. "Sweden needs stable economic policies and major long-term political reforms that will need broad parliamentary support to achieve."

-Reuters, Stockholm