A petty-ass feud pissing off royals -The Asian Age

While fans of the British Royal Family believe that Meghan Markle is hiding a baby bump; that may not be her most significant secret. Rumor says that there's something else big boiling within the British royal family that is on the verge of spilling into the public sphere.

A new report from celebrity gossip magazine 'In Touch' suggests that Kate and Meghan are engaged in an envy-fueled feud. And apparently this alleged beef has grown so severe that Harry and William are plotting to do something about it. Before it escalates, they need to nip it in the bud.

"The boys are discussing whether to stage an intervention," their inside source claims, implying that relations are beyond icy.

That would be a drastic step, but the insider says that it may be necessary "in order to get Meghan and Kate to make up." If that's what they do, we sure hope that it works. There are kids involved; Kate has three, and Meghan Markle is pregnant ... maybe.