'Govt desperate to eliminate BNP' -The Asian Age

BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir yesterday accused the government of trying to 'eliminate' its opponents with its 'repressive acts'. "The ruling party has become desperate to root out the BNP by resorting to various evil designs," he said in a statement.

The statement was issued in protest against jailing of Saiful Islam Firoz, BNP's candidate for the Jhenaidah-4 constituency in the 11th parliamentary election, in a 'false and baseless' case. The BNP secretary general further alleged that, getting isolated from people, the government hasĀ  kept many opposition leaders and activists in jail implicating them in 'bizarre and fabricated' cases to prolong the one-party 'misrule'.

Fakhrul said Firoz was sent to jail as he appeared before a lower court on Wednesday seeking bail in a 'false' case. "Firoz has become subjected to the government's political vengeance." He demanded that the government immediately release Firoz withdrawing the 'false' and 'politically motivated' cases filed against him."