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He has been called as mister perfectionist of Dhallywood, and he is successfully keeping up his title. It wasn't long ago that Arifin Shuvo was casted in the sequel of 2017's most successful movie 'Dhaka Attack.' The swaggering, mustachioed hero of 'Dhaka Attack' will next be seen in 'Mission Extreme' and he is getting ready for his new secret mission.

Recently the most popular actor of Dhallywood has shared a couple of photos of his preparation for 'Mission Extreme' in social site and now those photos have created a buzz among his followers. Everyone is asking and thinking who this person is. Apparently, the photos show a super fit Arifin Shuvo and his followers already saying that Shuvo's body transformation will be a milestone of Dhallywood film industry. 

Arifin Shuvo will be returning as an officer of Special Force of Bangladesh Police in the movie. 'Mission Extreme' will be directed by Faisal Ahmed, also the assistant director of 'Dhaka Attack'. For this film, Arifin Shuvo is going into tremendous training. "My character in this film needs a fit look. That's why I am undergoing into huge physical transformation. In spite of huge workload, I am going to the gym regularly. I have already lost six kg of weight," said this actor.

"The goal we have set is practically impossible in the context of our film industry. I have just started walking down the road keeping the destination in mind. I don't know where this will end," added Shuvo. About his intense body transformation Shuvo said, "Although the main session of my training has begun two months ago, the primary stage of it began four-five months ago.

I am not taking any carbohydrate for the past one and half months. It is not easy to get into shape that easily. Those who go to gym regularly they realize that being fit needs dedication. I could easily use this time doing other projects but I wanted a perfect look for my character in 'Mission Extreme'".

"We are used to see the fit body of Hollywood and Bollywood actors, but we never think how vast their market is. We don't invest the half of it for our industry. The training Bollywood and Hollywood actors get, we don't get that any. Still I am trying to be perfect," added Shuvo. Arifin Shuvo was tagged as the most striking actor of 2017 by his admirers and fellow colleagues in the showbiz industry. He is now going into hard diet for his character preparation of 'Mission Extreme'. "I feel like crying when I eat," the actor said and smiled.

The actor informed that the practical training to perfect his character will soon begin. In that session he will be trained for body language and other things matching his characters. The shooting of the film will soon begin in March. Now we just have to wait to see the super fit Shuvo in extreme action till the release of the film and it is definitely worth the wait.