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Shannon-Paris Cross

Just like 70 to 80 percent of women are wearing the wrong bra, a lot of them are frequently making mistakes when it comes to picking the perfect pair of jeans. From nailing the perfect cut for the occasion to finding the wash you've always wanted, Savoir Flair sheds some light on the four crucial things to consider the next time you want to add some weight to your denim shelf. Keep scrolling to discover what they are, below.

Know Your Length

When purchasing a pair of jeans, it's common to go for the same leg length every time, but choosing the right hem depends on the cut and how you plan to wear them. Skinny or straight-leg denim is the usual choice for evening, and this cut looks best when they fall at the top of the ankle, showing off your choice of footwear.

Know Your Wash

Acid, vintage, indigo, stone - the list is endless when it comes to washes of denim and, again, the right wash for you depends on where you're headed and your personal style. Typically, dark-colored denim is favored for evening, the workplace (if your company policy allows it), and occasions when you want to look a little smarter.

However, dark denim also does wonders to elongate your shape. Lighter washes are deemed most casual, and work great for the weekend and laid-back dress codes. If you're conscious about your lower half, lighter denim isn't always the most flattering for curves.

Know Your Cut

When it comes to jeans, not all cuts will suit everyone and certain silhouettes can work wonders in creating illusions. Wide-leg, culotte, and flared styles are great for those who are heavier or wider on top as they provide balance. Mom jeans are great for athletic shapes as they cinch in the waist and give a curvier appearance.

Meanwhile, straight and boyfriend cuts are pretty good all-rounders, depending on your own personal style. Trendy denim details such as ragged hems, patchworks, and cut-outs are fun, but they're not worth investing a great deal in as they won't guarantee style longevity.

Know Your Styling Tricks

Styling tricks make a world of difference for every clothing category, but with denim in particular. As previously mentioned, turning up your jeans is a great way to add versatility to a simple pair of jeans, while tucking boyfriend or wide-leg styles into boots can transform your look completely. Also, consider the different ways to tuck your top or shirt in, too - this can define your waist, create a relaxed feel, or take a silhouette from casual to smart.

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