Holy Ramadan, honest businessmen and effective administration -The Asian Age

Md. Sabur Miah

Sacred Ramzan is one of the main obligations of the people of Muslim religion. Religious people pray to God for a long month in Ramadan fasting, prayer, holy Quran recitation, Zikir-Ajgar and Nafl prayers. The devout Muslims wish for the welfare, peace and lasting blessings of Allah for all the people and the people of the world, their family, society, the state and above all.

In Ramadan, Almighty Allah gives more than 70 times more reward in every worship. Amin. Allah accepts the expectation of fasting, modesty, desire, desire and hope. Ramadan month is considered as a welfare and blessing center for Muslims. Ramadan is a festival of the month of Ibadat. Due to Ramadan, special needs of daily products are made for iftar and Sehari.

In some cases, for the iftar, traders have to supply more products. In the month of Ramadan, a kind of dishonest businessman, stockman, wholesale, middlemen, retail businessmen increase the price of the goods with the help of different types of schemes and cheating in hopes of additional profit.

Due to the excessive cost, religiously Muslim fasting people have to suffer financially. Spending extra money for many ordinary Muslims becomes difficult. Barkat and Mercy This month, the traders will sell the small quantities of daily vegetables to the fasting people, but this is the opposite.

In other Muslim countries of the world, even in non-Muslim countries, special items for the fasting people offer depreciation and home delivery, but in our country, a kind of torture and corruption in the country and the pictorial scene of ethical depravation in the name of business. It is this fundamental education of Islam and Ramadan that traders will ensure the right to consumers to conduct business in the right way.

 Note that a normal buyer does not want to blame for the demand of the price increase in the month of Ramadan. Retail traders say that wholesale traders keep more prices, wholesale traders say that the stockholder keep more prices, the stockholder say the market is less supply than before.

Where the common consumer will find the solution. Every year, the price of daily commodity increases but the buyer or the consumer gets no solution. The administration says that if the price of the goods increases, we will take action according to the law, but what measures are taken or taken is not understandable to the general public.

Each time the statement of the statement was made by the administration on behalf of the press conference. We strongly control the price at any price, but we can see the real picture.

If the administration and businessmen collectively understand the reality of the purchasing power of the general public and the financial solvency, then the control of the prices is not difficult. Honest and ideal merchants cannot tolerate rudder and consumer general torture by increasing prices.

It is to say that today our administration is educated in modern education. The administration is now using technology to curb corruption and anarchy. We can expect that implementing consumer rights of the people, by taking advantage of modern technology, skill, honesty and sincerity, it is possible to implement the right price.

Recently, the Dubai government has announced that they will supply essential products for special diacritics even during the holy Ramadan in three main cities, even if they reach home without cost. This is possible due to honesty and responsibility.

In the holy Ramadan we observed that in 2011, a small grocer trader from Bangladesh sold poultry and poultry to the fasting people, and he announced that he would sell the two Ramadan products without the profit of the next Ramadan. May Allah guide all the traders along with them on the right path.

Finally, call the traders, government servants and employees of the government and employees to keep your promise, preserve the respect of holy Ramadan, and make sure that fasting and fasting of ordinary Muslim fasting people purchase the product. The whole nation has glimpsed towards you today.

Md. Sabur Miah plays the role of an Executive at Burger King Bangladesh. He can be reached at: sabur2050@gmail.com