John Dryden -The Asian Age

A great playwright, exceptional poet, fine translator, solid critic, and an excellent satirist, John Dryden wore many hats during his living. He was a legendary figure of the seventeenth century who ranks amongst the greatest English poets such as John Donne and John Milton and the greatest playwrights such as William Shakespeare and Ben Johnson. Dryden is credited with writing the greatest heroic play of the century, 'The Conquest of Granada', the greatest tragicomedy, 'Marriage A-la-Mode', the greatest tragedy of the Restoration, 'All for Love', the greatest comitragedy, 'Don Sebastian' and one of the greatest comedies, 'Amphitryon'. He breathed his last on May 12, 1700. Initially buried in St Anne's Cemetery, he was later reburied in Westminster Abbey ten days later.