'Laal Ronger Kham' -The Asian Age

For the first time ever, talented small-screen director Shanta Rahman has assembled two young artistes, Snigdha Momin and Tanveer, with popular actor Shamol Mawla together under her direction. The artiste trio will be seen appearing together in a tele-drama titled 'Lal Ranger Kham', which has been produced to be aired on a satellite channel in the upcoming Eid-ul-Fitr. Shanta has been engaged with making TV dramas for many days.

In her experiences, Shanta most of the time made dramas casting Sadia Islam Mou, Tareen Jahan and Nusrat Imrose Tisha. Under her direction she made dramas 'Anubhob' and 'Cell' casting Mou, 'Nondini, 'Pawa Na Pawa' and 'Jana Gontobbyo Ojana Poth' casting Tareen, and 'Hoytoba' and 'Sochchho Ondhokar' casting Tisha which created hype among the viewers. Shanta remains serious not only selection of the story but also giving direction of her works.

 As a part of its continuation, Shanta has made an Eid drama titled 'Laal Ronger Kham' casting Shamol Mawla, Snigdha Momin and Tanveer. Shooting of the tele-drama was done in a shooting house in the city's Uttara area and other areas in the capital recently.

"After taking a long time break, I have made this drama for Eid. The actors who acted in this drama they were very much cordial. They worked under scorching heat. Shamol, Tanveer, Snigdha and overall Memy Apa acted well. Though Shamol's role was small but he performed well. Viewers will watch Tanveer and Snigdha in new way. I am very much optimistic about the drama which will be aired in any satellite channel during Eid-ul-Fitr," Shanta  said.

The tele-drama 'Lal Ranger Kham' will begin with Rizu delivering a red envelope to Sajid. After handing over the envelope, Rizu informs Sajid that he will know the past deeds of his wife by reading the letter inside the envelope. However, due to other works, Sajid fails to read the letter and the envelope reaches his wife Adhora. With a story like this, the tele-drama moves forward.

Meanwhile, Tanveer has already finished shooting of an Eid drama titled 'Eid Bonus'. In a special documentary on International Mother's Day, Shamol Mawla's acting was appreciated to all.