Most awaited seasonal fruit litchi is in Meherpur -The Asian Age

Markets have been started to be charmed by the most awaited seasonal fruit litchi. People are crowding in many shops in the market. Though it's the month of Ramadan on top of that there are excessive hot still the demand of litchi does not fall a bit.

Because of having bumper production this year venders are bringing this fruit in markets for getting healthy profit. As advance types China-1, China-2, China-3 and Bombay litchis are available in the markets of Meherpur. 

Litchi is mainly the fruit of the Bengali month Jaishta but at the end of Baishakh litchis can be found in many Market's of Meherpur.  According to the Department of Agriculture it will take fifteen days more to get the perfect taste of litchi.

But the sad thing is some dishonest businessmen are bringing this fruits before exact time by adding formalin and making them artificially ripe for getting more profit. As a result these pre matured litchis are sour in taste. 

After visiting wholesale market of bus stand area in Meherpur our correspondent said that farmers brought litchis from nearby gardens for selling. Eighty pieces of litchis make a bunch and were being sold away tk 120 to 140 per bunch.

A wholesale dealer named Amjad Hossain told The Asian Age that there was a heavy rainfall in Meherpur because of cyclone Fani as a result litchis of some gardens started to get ripened before the perfect time. 

Deputy Director of Department of Agricultural Extension in Meherpur  Akhteruzzaman said that mangoes and litchis of Meherpur are tastier than those of any other districts. Farmers are provided with every necessary helps from agriculture department.

---Masud Rana, Meherpur