We are … because they were -The Asian Age

We welcome the move by the High Court directing officials and journalists to desist from using the term 'fake freedom fighters'. Our freedom fighters are the greatest sons of the soil and it was because of their courage and dedication to the cause of the nation back in 1971 that we today inhabit a country free of colonial rule.

For every citizen of Bangladesh, including those born after the war, the War of Liberation remains the most seminal event in our history and it was because of the spontaneity of the young men and women who streamed out of their homes and their villages and towns to resist the enemy that the road to independence was paved for us.

We are what we are today because of the unflinching determination of our freedom fighters to wrest national dignity and sovereignty from the clutches of Pakistan's genocidal forces over a long period of nine months.

All these decades after Liberation, it becomes our sacred national duty to renew our gratitude to the valiant freedom fighters who turned the promise of freedom into the reality we experience today.

There are hundreds of freedom fighters who have never sought any reward or recognition from the State for their contributions to the war; and, shunning the limelight, they live in humble, even poverty-stricken, circumstances deep in the rural regions of the country. It should be the responsibility of the government to inquire into the whereabouts of these freedom fighters and go for a programme relating to their and their families' welfare.