Miles to mark its four decades with concert tour -The Asian Age

Popular band Miles will celebrate its 40th anniversary through a concert tour. The popular rock band will be touring the US and other countries for four months and afterwards, it will perform at various districts across Bangladesh.

"Many of our former band mates now live in the US. We are planning to include them in our gigs," said Hamin Ahmed, a key member of Miles. Lead vocal and bassist Shafin Ahmed said, "It'll be like a world tour and we'll conclude our celebration of four decades here in Dhaka. We will begin the tour in June after Eid-ul-Fitr. First we will visit the US where Miles will perform at a number of shows and entertain our fans and end in Bangladesh via Canada and Australia. We will hold a press conference shortly and disclose details of the upcoming tour ".

One of the pillars of band music in Bangladesh, Miles, held its first international concert in India's Bangalore in 1994. The band took part in 10 concerts in a three-month tour in 1996. It also arranged 10 mega concerts in the US in 2013. '

After performing in various countries for four months, we will return to Bangladesh and perform across the country. We will conclude the concert tour by organizing a grand concert in Dhaka,' Shafin added. Miles took off in 1979 with a concert at Dhaka Inter Continental Hotel. They used to perform popular songs of European and American bands. The members decided to take up Bangla songs in 1990.

The current lineup of Miles comprises Hamin Ahmed (vocal & guitar), Shafin Ahmed (vocal & bass), Manam Ahmed (keyboard & vocal), Syed Ziaur Rahman Turjo (drums & percussion) and Iqbal Asif Jewel (guitar & vocal).