Jatindramohan Tagore -The Asian Age

Maharaja Bahadur Sir Jatindramohan Tagore KCSIĀ  was a theatre enthusiast, art-lover, and philanthropist from Bengal region of the Indian subcontinent. The son of Hara Kumar Tagore (1798 - 1858) and grandson of Gopi Mohan Tagore, he belonged to the Pathuriaghata branch of the Tagore family. Jatindramohan was drawn towards music.

Under his patronage Kshetramohan Goswami was the first in India to experiment with orchestra or group music. On 3 July 1857, a drama titled Ratnavali was staged at Jatindramohan's house in Belgachia.

He assigned Kshetramohun Goswami and Jadunath Pal to form an orchestra imitating those found in European theatres. It was a path-breaking achievement in a country with the tradition of solo music and was an attempt at fusion of western music with Indian traditions.