PM for dropping 'controversial' BCL leaders -The Asian Age

A lot of mayhem has been going on over the newly formed central committee of Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL) which consists of 301 members. Allegations of internal conflicts and dissatisfaction have been reported to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Sheikh Hasina has said that the controversial leaders will be terminated from BCL central committee if the complaints against them are proven authentic, sources from Gonobhaban have informed.

Reportedly some BCL leaders visited Gonob-haban on Wednesday noon. These leaders have told Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina about their grievances and the internal disputes which have broken out following the formation of the new central committee of Bangladesh Chhatra League. Sheikh Hasina has instructed the BCL leaders  to look into the authenticity of the complaints. She has said that if the allegations are found to be true then the concerned leaders would be dropped from the BCL committee.

It may be added that a great deal of hue and cry has come up all over the country regarding the newly formed committee of Bangladesh Chhatra League. Leaders in different parts of the country had heated arguments. Many leaders and activists also expressed their anger on social networks including facebook.