Ayub Ali sets an example in removing water logging -The Asian Age

The rainwater situation in Ashuganj of Brahmanbaria has increased sharply due to several days of rain at Ashuganj. The situation in the port city of Ashuganj is much worse.

He complaints of locals there is no drainage system, due to some drainage, people are suffering more than this year due to this. Water logging has started in few rains under Ashuganj Railway Station Road to Toll Plaza from a number of days.

Thinking about water logging and public welfare, Ayub Ali has been working for five days with five labors at the cost of him of Shariat Nagar.

In the port city of Ashuganj, different areas of the city have been found that there is a kind of anger among people about the fact that there is water logging in the rainstorm for years, and the panic and frustration is also working.

In this year, water situation in the Ashuganj railway station has become very acute. In addition to the rainy season, the people of Charchartala Union, especially in the rain, have to panic and fear that they will have to suffer due to water logging.

----Golam Sarwar, Ashuganj, Brahmanbaria