Rape incidents turned epidemic: Dr Kamal -The Asian Age

Calling upon people to forge a movement to ensure people's security and establish the rule of law, Jatiya Oikya Front Convener Kamal Hossain has said that the rape incidents have turnred epidemic in the country. He was addressing a human chain in front of the National Press Club in the city on Saturday.

The eminent jurist blamed the deteriorating law and order situation for increasing the rape incidents."Why the rape incident is on a rising trend? Why lacking remains in our law and order? It has really emerged as a deep concern for us," Kamal said at the human chain.

Claiming that it is constitutionally recognized that there will be rule of law and security of people's lives and properties in the country, Kamal said those who take charge of the country should give the first priority to these two issues.

"Why it will not stop? It should be stopped immediately and effective step should be taken to this end. Otherwise, give the people a scope so that they can elect a capable government to free the society from terrorism collectively," Kamal said.

He also criticised the government for its failure in dealing with the issues and said in a true sense there is no democracy in the country."We are seeing a light of hope as people are standing around now. Let's come forward unitedly to continue the fight for establishing effective democracy in the country," he said.