Can art really fight against global warming? -The Asian Age

"Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love” - Mother Teresa

There had been many initiatives in art history that have tried to save the environment in one way or another. And, now www. artforgoodcause.com is also in the same path, creating a social awareness around the world through art.

The key idea of artforgoodcause.com is an initiative to provide a global platform for the upcoming artists to portray their creativity that talk about various social issues like Global Warming, Youth and Tobacco, Kids and Social Media etc and their causes.

In 2019, Jibin George, a self taught artist organized an art competition with the support of Art Impact International Organization on the subject protect Kids from tobacco. The event was inspired by WHO Initiatives on anti-tobacco.  There were 55 art works from nine countries and it was an amazing and inspiring event. This event lead Jibin George to initiate the concept – artforgoodcause.com. There were artist from all age groups starting from age 8 years old.

Lauralle Maria Dev from India was the youngest artist participated in this event. You can see some of the artworks displayed on the artforgoodcause.com website.

In 2020, artforgoodcause.com is building up some exciting new plans to work with artists around the world to expand the idea of creating a social impact through art.  An international Art competition based on the subject “ Global Warming” is going to be the first event in 2020.

Artist behind this initiative

Jibin George is a self-taught artist from Kerala, India, has began creating beautiful art since 2012. Jibin George currently lives in Texas, USA. It is his idea to use the most common word Art For Good Cause and create the common platform artforgoodcause.com.

Jibin George

The phrase Art For Good Cause has been used by many people, but Jibin George is trying to bring the artists from all over the world to a single platform and use the talents to create a social awareness.

Art is his passion and through art he was able to learn about culture and lifestyle from all different places.  He has painted more than 100+realistic portraits and he has done multiple exhibitions and workshops in the United States and India.

He utilizes acrylics, oil, and graphite materials as is the best way to portray the subject, scene, and expressions in his art works. Some of his works are displayed in his personal website www.jibingeorgefineart.com . His main reason is to motivate emerging artists and to create an international platform to show case their talents. His mission is to help emerging artists find global recognition.

artforgoodcause.com was created with the vision to make every one understand the social impacts of hypocrisy. He was inspired as he could see the sudden shift in humanity where people are becoming more selfish. He wants people to think about their impact on their actions in serious issues such as global warming, pollutions, tobacco, etc.

Art Can Change The World?

Art has the power to create influence in society by raising opinions and inspiring values. Art can influence the fundamental thought process of a person and his views.

In 2020, Art for Good Cause is all set to conduct an Global Art competition based on the subject “Global Warming.” The most immediate effect that we can see is the increase in temperature and the rise in the sea water level. Air pollution, ocean pollution by disposal of non-degradable materials and factory waste in river or ocean plays a big role in this climate change.

Art is a communication media for the people from all around the world, with different back grounds, cultures and lifestyles can communicate with each other. Art can be the voice to inspire the people to improve and save the nature.

This is where art can make a difference. Art can connect with your thought process through senses, body, and mind. When you see a good piece of art it makes you feel. And this felt feeling can make you engage, and take action.

As an artist, it is important to donate your time and talent to help raise awareness of important issues such as global warming and tobacco. With beautiful art, people can stop and think about ways to make the world a better place.