Chicken corn soup -The Asian Age

Ingredients: 150 grams chicken breast fillet *1 corn cob *1 egg *5 cup chicken stock/ 4 chicken stock cube *¼ teaspoon ginger paste *½ teaspoon black pepper powder *1/8 teaspoon tasting salt *1 teaspoon sugar *1 teaspoon soya sauce *1 tablespoon vinegar *Salt to taste


1.     Cut chicken breast into small cube and marinate with ginger, pepper, soya sauce and ½ teaspoon salt.

2.     Cut corn cob to take the corn.

3.     Heat a sauce pan and cook chicken breast pieces till it changes colour.

4.     Add corn and cook 2 minutes: add chicken stock(if you are using chicken stock cube, add 5 cup water and when it comes to boiling point then add chicken stock cube).

5.     Whisk the egg and add it with soup. When you are adding egg, stir continuously.

6.     Add tasting salt and sugar; check the salt.

7.     Serve hot soup with wonton along with chilli sauce, pickled chilli, sweet chilli sauce and tomato sauce.