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Sukhdeep Singh

Attraction is the temporary love, but love is the permanent attraction.

Feeling attached to someone does not mean you are in love with that person. You are feeling this because you don't see any difference between the attraction and love. Here's how to find out the difference between attraction and love.

1.Self-Esteem Vs. Happiness

First, when you feel attracted to someone, you want to have that person with you until you really don't have the same person. The worst thing is - to have that person in your life becomes a question of self-esteem. But, once you have that person, your interest for him/her starts declining after a certain time.

However, when you are in love with someone, you want that person to be yours, but happily. It is not about your happiness only. You want that person to be a part of your life wholeheartedly.

2.Demanding Vs. Giving

Secondly, when you are attracted to someone, you behave more possessively. The reason is the invisible connection among attraction, satisfaction, jealousy, possessiveness, and fear of losing your partner.

However, when you truly love someone, you do not expect anything in return. It is all about giving, be it love or sacrifice. The focus is always on the partner's happiness.

3.Winning Vs. Sacrificing

Unlike true love, attraction is dangerous. When you are attracted towards someone, the only thing that matters in your life is winning that person. At any cost, you want to keep that person with you regardless of her wish.

But, if you are in love; you will let her go if needed, and leave their fate to take its course. You won't be putting any undue pressures.

4.Selfishness Vs. Others

Also, when you love someone, for you, it is all about the other person. For the first time in your life, you are going to prioritize someone else's needs above your own needs. Whereas, in case of attraction, it is always going to be about your happiness.

5.Permanent Hatred Vs. Temporary Frustration

Love is wonderful at many things and can make you a better person. But, there is another truth. The closest feeling of love is hate. After you break up with someone, your love is going to turn into unjustified hatred.

In case of attraction, after breakup, you don't feel like hating someone. For you it is going to be temporary sad feelings like anxiety, grief, irritation, and frustration for a very small period, but not hate.

6.Limits Vs. No Limits

Lastly, another difference between attraction and love is - the actual length. Love never dies and never disappears in real time, whereas the attraction is limited for a certain amount of time.

The writer is a freelancer