Bangabandhu's agriculture thoughts and seed production -The Asian Age

Dr Apurba Kanti Choudhury

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was the guide for the oppressed people of the world. He sacrificed his whole life for the development of the country with a view to providing food, cloth, shelter, education, healthcare and working opportunities to the people of Bangladesh.

To make the overall development of the agriculture sector, Bangabandhu gave the first-class status to the agriculturist in a speech at Bangladesh Agricultural University on February 13, 1973. To commemorate this day, the agriculturists have been observing the day as 'Krishibid Day' since 2011. Through the visionary efforts of Bangabandhu, Bangladesh is now self-sufficient in food. 

The main driving force of Bangladesh's economy is agriculture.Agriculture scientists found in research that 15-20% of production can be increased using improved quality of seeds. We have a seed policy and a seed Act. Agricultural Research Institutes and Universities produced breeder seeds of different crops, and BADC is responsible for multiplication of breeder seeds to foundation and certified seeds with direct supervision of Seed Certification Agency, and also processing, preservation and marketing of seeds of different crops.

At present only 26% of quality seeds are supplied to the farmers through formal seed-systems. To achieve Sustainable Development Goal (SDG), about 52% of quality seeds will be produced and also the concerned authority should put emphasis on seed processing, preservation, quality control, and policy issues.

BARI, BRRI, and BINA have developed some short duration high yielding crop varieties that help growing two to three crops in a year. In this regard, BARI Sarisha-14 and BARI Mung-6 gave immense impact for the intensification of croplands. BARI has developed four Bt brinjal varieties against brinjal shoot and fruit borer where farmers are getting safe brinjal production without spraying of harmful insecticides.

Under the acumen leadership of Bangabandhu's competent daughter Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the ruling government put the highest emphasis on the agriculture sector.  We hope that Bangabandhu's 'Sonar Bangla' will be achieved under the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. As the epic is created in the writings of brilliant writer, the world including Bangladesh was awakened in the touch of political wisdom of Bangabandhu.        

The writer is Chief Scientific Officer
Seed Technology Division, BARI, Gazipur