Samsung introduces world’s first 8-pole digital inverter AC -The Asian Age

The monsoon is already upon us, and the heat of the summer is still here. The temperature, along with the humidity, is making us restless. And because of the current pandemic, most of the people are inside – working and distance learning from their homes.

Consequently, our homes are cramped up, and it is getting hard to catch fresh air. To ease this situation, Samsung Consumer Electronics Bangladesh has come up with a timely solution offering discounts and free installation for digital inverter air conditioners.

Samsung has introduced the world’s first 8 poles digital inverter AC, which lessens the vibration and noise while operating. It also helps the AC to reach your comfortable temperature with quicker cooling within 30 minutes. The use of 8-poles is tremendously energy-efficient, resulting in faster cooling than any other AC. The inverter technology maintains the desired temperature without frequently turning off and on.

So, it uses less energy and helps you to stay relaxed for longer periods whether you are enjoying a movie with your family or participating in a video conference with your colleagues.

The Triple Protector Plus technology in these ACs prevents overloads, without using a separate voltage stabilizer, and comes with an anti-corrosive coating which can endure extreme heat. Improved DuraFin Condenser used in these AC units are more resistant to corrosion with up to 36% more thickness and prevent the condenser from rusting quickly, works flawlessly even in scorching temperatures.

And no matter how moist the weather is, Good Sleep mode ensures auto temperature control to create a desirable environment for a deeper sound sleep. The AC also has a voltage fluctuation protector, which enables it to works ideally at a minimum of 80 volts to a maximum of 450 volts.

In Bangladesh, where the air is very dusty, Samsung ACs are built with 3 Care Filter, which helps in capturing dust and eliminating 99% of certain viruses, bacteria, allergies, and pollen will keep your family healthy. On top of that, Auto Clean function runs a fan to remove dust and moisture in the heat exchanger, which keeps the AC clean and dry.

These air conditioners come with a 2-step cooling – enabling fast and comfort cooling simultaneously to maintain a desired comfortable temperature. Once the desired cooling is reached with fast cooling, the AC will automatically shift to Comfort cooling mode to keep the ambient temperature.

Samsung’s 8-poles digital inverter AC can be purchased online at a discounted price with a 10-year warranty on the compressor.There are three different capacities - 1 ton, 1.5 ton, and 2 ton. Samsung will also deliver and install the AC at the customer’s chosen location free of charge.

Apart from the conventional payment methods, now thecustomers can also buy Samsung AC with EMI at 0% interest for up to 12 months period.