Diner Sheshe -The Asian Age

"The day I found out Harsh was moving in with me, I was excited! We'd be staying together after 8 years- I'd left home for studies and work long ago.But when he came home, I was in for a surprise. While having dinner, he said, 'I can't cook or anything.I can help with cleaning.' I was shocked! Had my annoying brother matured?And he lived up to the promise. He washed the vessels and cleaned the kitchen. He did it well- a little too well! So now he calls me the 'lazy one'!

And since he's nailed his ONE job, he can't stop complaining to mom and dad that he's my 'sous chef'- because I ask him to hand me the masalas while I'm cooking. We video call them every alternate day and Ma's first question is, 'Khaanakhaaya?'.

So if I flaunt my cooking skills, he'll butt in and say, 'It was okay' and I tell him, 'Cook yourself!' Then he immediately starts sucking up and compliments my food! Mom and dad were worried we'd be at each other's throats, but we've grown up...a little. Like whenever I'm busy with work, he'll get me coffee. And recently, he tried to bake a cake, which burnt to a crisp. He was afraid I'd scold him, but I couldn't stop laughing.

But, there are times he just gets on my nerves. Like recently, he didn't wash his clothes for 3 days straight and kept complaining. When I told him he should've done it daily, he said, 'Stop being such a mom!' and then came crying to me, to help him dry the clothes!

But honestly, I'm so glad to be stuck with him. He doesn't always listen to me, but I get to order him around, and that's fun! We've had our moments- when we miss home, we watch Kapil Sharma whilst eating a big bowl of ice cream...which he has to wash afterwards! These past few months, I've seen a totally different side to my brother.

He's never taken it for granted that just because I'm the elder sister, I'll do all the work. He's sharing the load, and that's the way it's supposed to be- I'm just glad my parents raised us to know that!"

Humans of Bombay, Fb