Mehjabin,Tawsif's love story 'Keno' -The Asian Age

Childhood love creates a unique feeling in human life. After childhood, the continuity of love remains in someone's life and sometimes different things happened to others' life. A drama titled 'Keno' has been made with such a love story. The story shows the love between Abir and Raima. And there are various complications including politics, family preferences, and dislikes. The two later moved away. But after 20 years, they can be seen again with the love of childhood. The play is scripted and directed by MahmudurRahmanHimi. Apart from Tawsif and Mehjabin, as Abir and Raima, RumanaIshita, MiliBasar, SabihaZaman, Fakhrul Basar Masum and others also stared in the drama. The drama 'Keno?' will be aired on RTV's Eid-ul-Adha program at 11.30 pm on Eid day.