Diner Sheshe -The Asian Age

"During my MBBS, I started getting hot flashes, bruises and nose bleeds. When the biopsy results came, we were all devastated-I was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer.

But it hit my sister Pradnya differently. She'd never seen her elder sister so frail. She was even more upset when I required a transplant donor and her marrow didn't match mine. The doctor had mentioned that siblings are the ideal donors- she felt she'd let me down. But I found a donor and had a successful transplant. 

Over the next few months, my immunity dropped-so I had to go on a liquid diet. I could only eat curd rice. Pradnya knew how much I loved momos- they were our favourite. So when I had to give them up, she did too. She began attempting to eat the same food as me.

On my worst days when I couldn't sleep in the hospital because of severe leg pain, she'd come lie on my bed, caress my hair and wait for me to fall asleep before she did. During the day, we'd play Uno, sing songs and make lists of restaurants we'd go to once I was better.

My graduation was 2 months after my surgery. I cried watching my batchmates celebrate-I was supposed to be there. Pradnya didn't even let me miss that- she organised a ceremony at the hospital, where the doctors gave me my certificate and a trophy!

On my birthday she even baked me a cake with the few ingredients I was allowed to eat.

Soon after, when my hair started falling because of the treatment, I decided to shave it. She told me that she didn't want me to do it alone. She came to the salon with me and shaved her hair too- it's beyond me to explain what I felt then. How could someone have so much love for me? We both were bald, on similar diets, doing everything together...all of it just to tell me without words, that I wasn't alone.

The cancer is gone, but I still have to go for weekly check-ups; she comes with me for all. And we always turn the hospital into a theatre- lights off, snacks and old bollywood movies.

Humans of Bombay, Fb