Foodpanda calls upon to stay together, though not near -The Asian Age

Foodpanda being the country's major online food delivery start-ups, has brought an awareness campaign titled "together apart" to call upon everyone to stay together, though not near.

Through the campaign, foodpanda aims to ensure the security and safety of their customers and prevent the spread of covid-19 by delivering food, daily necessities and essentials at people's doorsteps.

The core message of the campaign is- although people are compelled to maintain distances from their family, friends and relatives due to the current situation, they still can stay mentally connected and close through sharing many things like food, new recipes, different hobbies, new and effective ways of learning and working from home, etc. so no one feels lonely, rather gets the feeling of togetherness back.

Currently the customers can avail and share with others almost everything from groceries, frozen food, dry food, fresh-fruits to soap, shampoo, and other household things under the services provided by foodpanda. All these are delivered to customers just after the orders are made. 

Foodpanda is delivering the customers' favorites from their favourite restaurants at their doorsteps in moments. While people cannot go outside shopping to abide by government directives to prevent the spread of COVID-19, foodpanda introduced "Pandashops" so that they can buy everything online. The campaign encourages everyone to keep their close ones on mind besides maintaining social distance.

CEO of Foodpanda Bangladesh Ambareen Reza said, "We launched the campaign to make it easier for people to adapt to the new normal. Foodpanda works relentlessly to create scopes for people to stay safe at home and enjoy their lives. We hope, we all can stay together through a cumulative effort though the crisis has made us stay aloof."