Faria Shahrin has her favorite choice -The Asian Age

Popular model-actress Lux star Faria Shahrin came to the media in 2007 through a competition. Since then she has been working regularly in modeling and acting. However, she took a break from the media due to being out of the country for some time to study. This year, this glamour girl has focused on acting again.

She will be seen in a few dramas on the coming Eid. She said that she returned to shooting after the lockdown through a drama called 'Ustad Ali Chand Bakshi' directed by HimuAkram.

Apart from this, on Eid, she is appearing in 'ShadaManush' written and directed by Sumon Anwar and Shuvro Khan's 'Butt Kintu What Mane Bhalobasha' and a single drama by Topu Khan. After four years being out of drama, this time she has also acted in a drama series for Eid. Under the direction of KaziSaif, she is in the series titled 'Mama BhagneJekhane Bipod NeiShekhane'. In these dramas, he has teamed up with popular actors.

Faria said that in the long run of my acting life, I have not acted in hundreds of dramas. But I hope the audience will like the number of dramas I have acted on the occasion of Eid this year. In every drama, I have tried to give the maximum of my acting in my character.

I can say that because of this I am quite overwhelmed. Do you have any complaints about the shooting of this time in Corona situation? His comment, no, I have no complaints about the shooting spot. The people I've worked with have been shooting with caution.

Everyone at the shooting spot has been following our hygiene rules. I think you have to take care of yourself at this point.

In addition to her career, Faria also talked about her marriage. She said she will get married next year. She wants to get married only if the coronavirus situation comes under control.

Asked about the groom-to-be, she said, "I have my favorite choice. But it depends on the opinion of the family. I will accept whatever decision is taken by my family."