Eid Al Adha portrays bonds of fraternity among people of different religions -The Asian Age

Every year as per Muslim religious formalities citizens of the said religion celebrate Eid Al Adha which portrays bonds of friendship and fraternities between people of all religions based in different parts of the globe. Basically people tend to discriminate citizens on religious ground but basically it is a misconception generated by some vested interest sections of societies based in some parts of the globe. As per views of legendary linguist of repute Dr Mohammad Shahidullah always portrayed we should not discriminate people on the basis of religion but rather on the basis of purity of soul of each human beings.

Also another noted scholar of repute from Bangladesh Syed Mujtaba Ali (close to Rabindra Nath Tagore) was also proficient in Sanskrit and medieval literature. Both Saint never thought of discriminating between people of different religions and languages. Like Eid Al Adha there are many other festivals of Muslim religion which is also celebrated every year on the basis of Almanac. 

The said festival always preached the gospel of tolerance and peace among people of all religions based around the globe. As I have highlighted the glaring examples of above two Great Souls of Bengali literature who always fought throughout their lives for peace and calmness among all of us. That is why it is always felt by civilized societies of all around India and Bangladesh that we should reside in modern world amidst specter of communal harmony and integrity.

Now coming to the festival of Eid Ul Adha as a whole is the festival of sacrifice which indicates the willingness of the Prophet Ibrahim who is also well known as Abraham in Christianity and Judaism religion with the  objective to sacrifice his son Ismail as per the directives of The Superpower or The Almighty. As per Islamic calendar year we find Eid Al Adha is celebrated on the 10th day of Dhu- Al-Hijjah which lasts along with the last four days of the celebrations. Again as per International (Georgian Calendar) Calendar Year the dates vary from year to year.

Thus we find every year that when all over India and Bangladesh Eid- Al- Adha is celebrated aplomb communal amity and integrity there lays the participation of people from other religion which signifies feeling of oneness among all. Thus in the subsequent paragraph it is my humble duties to portray the festivity of Eid- Al- Adha as a means of strengthening friendship and fraternities among people of diverse religions in India and Bangladesh.

Festival of Eid-Al-Adha portrays feeling of oneness among people of all religions in India and Bangladesh:
It is well known to us every year Eid- Al-Adha is celebrated wholeheartedly all around the globe. In the same manner it is celebrated wholeheartedly in India and Bangladesh. In every religion like Hindu, Muslim, Christianity, Sikhism and Buddhism there are basic norms which are deeply embedded in each. But apart from all it is deeply linked between each other that people of all religions must bestow profound affection upon people of same religion plus people of other religions.

In all religious scriptures we find that The Superpower or The Almighty is omnipresent in people of all religions. Thus Great thinkers like Mohammad, Jesus, Lord Buddha, Lord Krishna and Ma Durga all propagated for the development of humanities as a whole that all of us should bestow affection and reverence upon people of each religion so that all of us should reside peacefully and comfortably.

Significance behind the celebrations of Eid Al Adha:
Celebrations of Eid Al Adha every year in India and Bangladesh stands quite significant from social and economic standpoint. From the social standpoint we find with the observance of said festival it can be interpreted as such society or citizens of both nations should be more polite and civilized in order to be more presentable and upright  on our stance. Also from this festival people pray for other's well being and upbringing in the upcoming days of our life. As the society has become heavily turmoil in nature it is utterly warranted that all of us should become decent and courteous so that there arise decency among all of us.

Even in Kolkata it has been noticed in various incidents that due to difference of opinion that due to altercations between different classes of people turns out to be severe bloodbath which is also not desirable at all under present social situations. So it is highly imperative that festival of the stature of Eid-Al- Adha should always preach the gospel of tolerance, patience and acceptability among all.
Social significance of Eid Al Adha:

As per social significance of Eid Al Adha is concerned it is hardcore responsibilities of the people around us to adhere to the followings which are stated as follow:
We must be patient in our life on every aspect.
We should think deeply about the welfare of each and every human being in this eternity.
In times of difficult situations people of each religion in today's earth should be of helpful disposition towards each other.
In terms of social, cultural, corporate and professional aspects we should always under a single category.
All of us should practice the art of self sacrifice.
All of us should have purity of mind.

Summing up the above views one point becomes crystal clear in our mind with the observance of Eid Al Adha we should derive an experience that all of us should be able to adjust under any sorts of unforeseen situations especially at present during pandemic Covid-19 the way people are adjustable in both India and Bangladesh which is truly significant and amazing. Thus the term 'Allah' is identical with people of all religions in both nations.