Some good tools for digital marketing -The Asian Age

-MD Jashim Uddin
Digital marketing has become one of the most popular in this era of digital revolution.The demand for digital marketing post-Corona is skyrocketing. Many entrepreneurs have been forced to include digital marketing in their business model. It is time to increase the multifaceted skills, including marketing strategies in the digital world.  There are thousands of tools in this marketing. It is not possible to get good results without using a variety of tools.

Google Analytics

It is considered to be the most powerful tools in digital marketing. The biggest advantage is that any user can use google analytics tools for free at once. If you have a business website, you need to use this tool, as this tool will highlight the speed of the website's visitors. The free version of Google Analytics is enough for most entrepreneurs. The paid version of it will also be available by looking to add an additional feature.

Google Trends

Google is a very familiar name to trend marketers. Google Trends will help you get new business ideas, ideas about products, ideas about what are currently going on in the market. You can get information according to different times and places through Google Trends.

Keyword Planner

Google's tools can also be used for free at once. Research on various keywords in the industry can be done very easily. Keyword research is very important for the Site's SEO which can be easily done with Google Keyword Planer. You can also easily find out the volume of keywords for content marketing from Google Keyword Planer.

Google Search Console

The need for google search console for websites is immense. Earlier it was known as Google Webmaster. Using this tool can easily solve any problems related to the website. Google search consoles will inform you about the traffic that comes from web searches.

Mail chimp

You can use mail chimp if you want to do email marketing for your business or service. Its usage method is also much easier. You can easily involuate your targeted customer with your business using mail chimps.

tag manager

The target audience of the business has to use a variety of tags to track and remark it. Google's free tools can save you from the hassles of managing these different tags. Sometimes you have to go to the web developer again and again to put this tag. But if google tag manager can learn, you can put the codes on your website yourself. So why are you delaying now learn Google Tag Manager

Similar web

Using this tool you can easily learn about the various information on the website of the computer. You can use some basic features in the free version, but if you use the paid version, you can use all kinds of features.

zoho social

It is mainly social media platform tools. There is no alternative to these tools if you have to manage various social media platforms in business. Sometimes the same content has to be given on various social media platforms. zoho can easily be posted on different platforms at the same time with one click using social. Again, different social media data is needed to make reports that you can easily create using zoho Social.

facebook ads library

Use this Facebook tool to easily find out what kind of ads your rivals are running on their Facebook page that will help create content for your page.