A concocted letter to mislead the publication sector -The Asian Age

A concocted letter has been circulated among Banglabazar based publishers mentioning 'some 98 publishers are associated with the politics of Jamaat-e-Islami.' The letter urges the project Director of Secondary Education Development Program (SEDP), not to buy books this year from those publishers who have been associated with the politics of Jamaat-e-Islami. It needs to mention that the government generally buys books from the publishers under the SEDP project.

It is matter of great regret that the concocted letter has been issued under the name of Alamgir Mollik, owner of the publication house, Aroo Prakashon, and a former vice-president of Bangladesh Publishers and Book Sellers Association. But the address and the signature used against his name is false.
This letter has created anger and mixed reactions among the publishers. However, the president of Bangladesh Publishers and Book Sellers Association, Arif Hossain has termed such an attempt as 'baseless, and intentional.'

When asked about the intention of the evildoers behind the circulation of such a letter, he said, "I think a third party might be associated with such an evil attempt. But no such attempt can make any division among the publishers. I believe that a publisher like Alamgir Mollik can never circulate such a baseless letter."

He also adds, "Sheikh Hasina's government is book-friendly. The Prime Minister herself is a writer and an avid reader. The publication sector has been strengthened under her apt governance. Nobody can mislead the publication sector by attempting anything unlawful. I urge the government to announce a compensation package for the publishers who suffered big loss during the periods of lockdown." 

When asked about the emerging situation Alamgir Mollik, the main victim of this untoward situation, said, "As a publisher, I feel utterly sad to see the letter objectively issued by my name. I feel humiliated too. I respect all publishers and always consider them as my colleagues. After this untoward situation, I readily rushed to the president of Bangladesh Publishers and Book Sellers Association and informed him of this concocted letter. Later, as per his advice, I filed a General Diary in the police station. I urge all not to believe in this baseless letter. I am drawing the attention of the authority concerned to detect the perpetrator/s associated with this crime."

In this regard, Alamgir Sikdar Loton, a presidium member of Bangladesh Jatiya Party and former president of Bangladesh Publishers and Book Sellers Association, said, "This situation is really awkward. I personally know Alamgir Mallick. He can not involve in such a repulsive attempt. In this letter, the political identities of the publishers are prioritized over their existence as businessmen, which is totally unexpected. I want the real truth to be surfaced soon."Furthermore, Jahurul Islam Bulbul, a director of Bangladesh Publishers and Book Sellers Association has considered the attempt as "frustrating and unexpected."