A conversation with Arefin Sowrob, Founder of Creative Digital Bangladesh -The Asian Age

Today with Arefin Sowrob, the founder of Creative Digital Bangladesh.

-What is Creative Digital Bangladesh?

Arefin Sowrob said that Creative Digital Bangladesh is a social media agency. He founded it in 2019.

What does Creative Digital Bd do?  Web Site Design, Content Marketing, Data Analysis, Digital Marketing, Web Analytics, Social Marketing, SEO & Optimization, Arifin Sourav How to keep the business moving forward We are working on how to build a career online.

Arefin Sowrob said that we have different specialists in each sector in Creative Digital Bangladesh, so the quality of our work is very good Alhamdulillah.

If you could tell the story behind coming to acting now, Arefin Sowrob said, "Actually, I wanted to act from a young age. I have my own YouTube channel, there are 1 lakh subscribers, but I will work on some big projects in the future, InshaAllah." I have received offers of some dramas and I want to work in them too.

Are there any plans to make a movie in the future?

I'll definitely do it if I get the chance.

-Who is your favorite actress?

Shakib Khan And Puja Cherry

-What is the status of your studies?
This time I am seeking admission in Daffodil  International University in Computer Science Engineering. I want to study abroad.

-What are the future plans for Creative Digital Bangladesh?

Creative Digital Bangladesh wants to be a good IT company in the future. So that the youth of Bangladesh can build their careers online with our training here.

-Please say something about the youth:

Arefin Sowrob think young people can do everything they want, young people can contribute more to build a digital Bangladesh.

It was great to talk to Arefin Sowrob today, he is a very good man, such an Arefin Sowrob is very important to stay in Bangladesh to build a digital Bangladesh.