Seminar Held on ' Great success of modern regenerative medicine for chronic diseases' in health ministry -The Asian Age

 On the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare's initiative, a seminar on health was organized on 17 January in the Ministry's conference room, titled "Rediscovering Health with Modern Regenerative Medicine ."Dr. Mojibul Haque, Professor, The University of Integrated Health, USA, presented the keynote speech at the event.

Several senior officials of the Ministry of Health and DG health, including Senior Secretary Mr. Lokman Hossain Mia, presided over the seminar. Presenting the keynote address, Dr. Mojibul Haque, an American Board Certified Functional Medicine practitioner of Bangladeshi descent, said that a person could get rid of most diseases completely through fulfilling nutritional deficiency lifestyle changes, improved eating habits, and incorporating modern regenerative medical therapies.

 This has shown especially true in his clinical practice for conditions termed deadly or very complicated and expensive to treat, such as cancer, diabetes, vitiligo, fatty liver, and various autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and psoriasis. As an alternative treatment for these diseases, modifying eating habits, lifestyle, exercise, and treating the root causes of the disease block the path for these diseases to flourish. He also commented on the success American Center of Regenerative Health (ACRH) located in dhanmondi, dhaka using modern regenerative medicine therapies and natural ingredient supplements for boosting immunity and tackling various chronic diseases with minimal side effects.

Dr. Haque said that doctors rely primarily on medicines for treatment in traditional healthcare. He commented that there will always be a need for pharmaceutical drugs in times of crisis. However, it is possible that one can build their life in such a way that one is less prone to becoming sick. In that case, the need for medicine becomes secondary. That is why we have to avoid unhealthy foods that are harmful to health, such as junk food, fried foods, and processed foods.

Replacing them with a diet that incorporates healthy eating with foods that are rich in vitamins can improve our daily lives. Dr. Haque said if the government formulates a health system or health policy, the use of drugs will gradually decrease and the tendency of diseases to spread. Incorporating this will make it possible to transform the whole nation into a healthy country.

He also said that the government policymakers need proper training to achieve this grand goal.Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Lokman Hossain Mia said that the government is working to ensure the health of 160 million people. The government is continually working to provide better healthcare for the people by formulating new policies.

 In this case, if all people can be made healthy through proper guidelines for food and exercise, then it may be possible to reduce the usage of medicine and, in turn, reduce the cost that must be borne to provide for healthcare treatment. He said that more research is needed to explore how a future policy can be formulated in this regard