Driving app growth through Digital Marketing -The Asian Age

The world, especially since the pandemic hit, has become extensively smartphone-dependent, heightening the need for different kinds of apps.  According to Statista, the number of smartphone users worldwide rose to approximately 6.4 billion as of 2021. This gives us a very realistic overview of how we have been inclining towards incorporating smartphones and apps in our daily routine for quite some time now. This increased demand for mobile apps has given birth to an entire industry comprising app-based businesses.

With such digitalization in the picture, the need for Digital Marketing has significantly grown in importance. According to App Annie, people spent an average of 4.8 hours on their devices. With this much screen-time, digital app-based marketing can do wonders for businesses, considering the number of people it can reach. All these data put together emphasize the cruciality of Digital Marketing for the growth of apps.

Digital Marketing, simply put, is the use of internet for reaching customers.  It is a vast concept with subsections including social media marketing, in-app ads, website ads, SEO, and much more. With interactive content and strategies, effective Digital Marketing can help businesses with high growth.

Apps are a major component of the digital ecosystem that needs to be prioritized in reaching target customers by the businesses. Using digital platforms, it is possible to grasp the right audience with engaging content and innovative ideas, with a storytelling format. Moreover, it is relatively cheaper than traditional marketing, as it allows different pricing levels that can be chosen according to the budget, giving an opportunity to experiment with a small amount before going big.

Also, the impact and ROI can be measured easily and the campaigns can be optimized for better performance as per the results. Most importantly, Digital Marketing extensively caters to mobile customers. Hence, if you want your app-based business to boom, it is now the right time to start implementing extensive Digital Marketing campaigns.

SHAREit - a cross-platform file sharing app also facilitates Digital Marketing, acting as an intermediary for companies to reach their audience. With 2.4 billion total installed users worldwide from SHAREit group including the SHAREit app, it serves a huge opportunity for brands by curating campaigns on its platform. With all these offerings, the platform exemplifies the extensive benefits and innovative ideas that businesses can adopt.

The company has been providing unique advertising solutions through their customized marketing strategies and innovative ad formats. Thanks to the billions of users the app has garnered globally, it serves as an efficient ad platform used for extensive brand awareness and user acquisition, ultimately enhancing the digital ecosystem by helping brands drive massive growth and high retention. Therefore, in the time of growing popularity of apps, if you want your product or services to reach out to your targeted audience, digital marketing is the way to go - driving significant growth for your app-based business.