Nahid Hasan Munna is a passionate educator, writer, founder, and CEO of Nahid24 -The Asian Age

Nahid Hasan Munna is a passionate educator, writer, founder, and CEO of Nahid24. Nahid24 is one of the largest online education platforms in Bangladesh. You can find it on Youtube. Every day, he teaches more than 2 lakh students on YouTube and Facebook for free.

Nahid Hasan Munna was born in Uttor Durakuti village of Kishorganj Upazila in Nilphamari district. He is currently studying at Rajshahi University. In addition to studying, He is writing books for HSC and admission candidates. Besides, He is trying to teach the students something by uploading regular video classes on Nahid24 Educational Platform.

He said to us that Creating Nahid24 Online Educational Platform was not so easy. In the beginning, he didn't even get help from many people. He has faced a lot of criticism for doing so much at such a young age. He still remembers some words from friends later. Someone said, "Who will watch this video of yours!" Another said, "How many 24 don't get rice, and you're coming Nahid24!" But He had a strong desire to somehow create an online platform that would benefit students across the country. Ignoring thousands of criticisms, this Nahid24 today has a huge family of over 2 lakh students. All in all, grateful to the great Creator.

In 2015, for the first time, He posted a video on YouTube explaining the poems of HSC Bangla 1st paper. Having received a lot of good feedback, He desire in mind to do something for the students. So after getting a chance at Rajshahi University, He slowly started writing books. Bangla A Plus book for HSC exam is now the number 1 best seller in Rokomari. Besides, all the books "Bangla Magic, English Magic, GK Magic, ICT Magic" are now the 1st choice of the students for the admission test.

Nahid Hasan Munna dreams that Nahid24 will be like a home teacher for the poor students in every corner of the village, who cannot afford good teachers or coaching due to lack of money. I would like to give them so many quality Video classes, Live Class gifts at home so that they all get good results in HSC, Admission & Job Sector.