A Cursory Look at Russia-Ukraine War Conundrum! -The Asian Age

After years of persuasion of Russia to abstain European Union and NATO countries from expansion of NATO Military alliance bordering the Russian Federation, at last,  Russia had to resort to its military adventure to Ukraine as named Special Military Operation or otherwise Western World branding it as Russian invasion on February 24,2022 to 'demilitarize' and 'denazification' of Ukraine by Russia as President Putin asserted. Before Russian tanks and armored vehicles rolled into Ukrainian territory with full military might, Russian president Vladimir Putin with warning shots staging military drills with estimated 150000 strong armyaround Ukrainian border; vowed to ensure security and safety of Russia which, according to him, is likely to be threatened if Ukraine is inducted in NATO military alliance led by the US. Russia requested US and its Western allies not to take Ukraine under the fold of NATO which fell on only deaf ear inspite of the fact that the US and its Western allies assured Russia on occasions that NATO will not take Ukraine under its umbrella , which according to Russia , will pose a great threat to Russian security and safety. But at the end of the day Russia felt that all the assurances of the US and its Western allies were nothing but a clear bluff cajoling Russia with only sugar coated words. Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky dubbed as US puppet contrary to glorifying his heroism, by the Western world, with UK's war-time prime minister Winston Churchill, facilitating  him to speak virtually in the US Congress, British Parliament, Canadian Parliament, German Parliament with rousing welcome and standing ovation.

Zelensky with his high ambition moved relentlessly with plea to become a NATO member.  Having ended in fiasco all efforts of Russia to stop Ukraine entering in NATO club, Russian president Vladimir Putin, as stated , vowed to 'demilitarize' and 'denazification' of Ukraine-the  country, leadership of which, according to Putin  is drastically consigned in the hands of 'drug-addicts', 'terrorists' and 'neo-nazis' posing constant threats to Russian security. As it is known that there are millions of Russian- speaking Ukrainian living in Ukraine is reported to have been subjected to constant persecution leading to mass-killing of an estimated figure of 14000 Russian-speaking Ukrainian  in the hands of Ukrainian ultra-nationalist forces known as Azob brigade over the past years under direct patronization of president Zelensky government. Although it was primarily thought that Russia with its huge military might will occupy the whole of Ukraine by blitzkrieg attack and unseat the  Zelensky government in Kiev with installing the pro-Russian government  in Ukraine which will protect the Russian-speaking Ukrainian from the killing-spree of Azob brigade. But it did not happen due to fierce resistance of Ukrainian Army and unwavering backing of US and its European allies with uninterrupted flow of money and military hardware.

As deterrent measure to stop Russian advances, the US and its Western allies came up with volley of hundreds of Sanctions with a view to crippling the Russian economy. Russia seems to have so far successfully withstood the brunt of economic sanctions of the US and its allies. As opposed to the decision of European Union to stop importing oil from Russia, some European countries like Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, of late, have decided, in defiance of EU decision, to import Russian oil in order to keep their economies running. This is, of course, a clear division in European Union frustrating the rest of the members of EU and the US.

As second phase of its military adventure concentrating largely on the Eastern regions of Ukraine including Donbas region and Mariupol with already capturing number of cities including Luhansk, Donetsk, Kharkib, Kherson and other major areas facilitating as safe corridor to Crimea annexed by Russia in 2014. The Biden administration has recently sought for additional 40 Billion dollar package from the US Congress for Ukraine to carry on resistance of Russian advance militarily. Other NATO countries in Europe are no less lagging behind to support Ukraine with money and supplying military hardware. In fact the US and NATO countries are fighting a proxy war with Russia ever since Russia invaded Ukraine.

Having carried out unabated war-crimes and genocide in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Sudan, Nicaragua ; the US and its Western allies have crumbled those countries into rubbles over the past years and mercilessly killed and consigned  Saddam Hussain and Muammar Gaddafi in the grave on false pretext; now have come up with the trademark of rhetoric branding the Russian attack on Ukraine  as war-crime and leveling Vladimir Putin, breaking the norms of civility,  as war-criminal for genocide  in Ukraine. Refraining from signing the protocol  of International Criminal Court(ICC)  with giving a damn to ICC when ICC calls for prosecution against war crime committed  by US forces and leadership in different parts of the world , President Joe Biden is asking  ICC to prosecute Putin for war crime which  sounds like "Bhoooter Mukhe Ram Naam" (devil quoting Scriptures).

Where did the conscience of American government go when Pakistan Army was committing war crimes and genocide in Bangladesh in 1971 under the tacit approval of then US administration. At that hours of great need the Soviet Union stood like solid rocks for Bangladesh's cause and vetoed three time against proposal tabled in the UN security council by the US for ceasefire in favour of Pakistan.

Mention may be made at this point that in Soviet era, Soviet Union stood as the voice of oppressed and proletariat, under whose active support many countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America got independence.

Referring to the genuflection policy of the West, eminent US scholar and intellectual Noam Chomsky recently has, in an interview with the journalist Jeremy Skhail, said that the Ukraine war has fulfilled the long cherished desire of the US and presented the Western world to the US in golden plate.

As a Bengali adage suggests "Basher CheyeKonchi Doro" (The Chip is tougher than the old Block), UK prime minister Boris Johnson who inherits the legacy of oppression by the British in the colonial era and who is now under investigation in his own country for many misdeeds has come up with loud voices, with shedding crocodile's tears for Ukraine, as an adage further saying "ChorerMaayerBoroGola" (Theif's mother has a louder voice). As a retaliatorymeasure, Russia has put Sanctions on Boris Johnson to enter Russia.

Last remnants of Azob Brigade in Ukraine is now holed-up at Azobstal Steel Plant complex which is now heavily cordoned with 'no fly can excape from; by the strong Russian Army. Inspite of repeated calls for surrender an estimated 2000 Azob brigade fighters indoctrinated in ultra nationalist thoughts are still defiant whose fate will be decided soon once the Russian forces storm the facility. It is not clear how a good number of civilians are holed up in the bunkers at the industrial complex, which is by no means a military installation created for the battle with bunkers. It is not equally understood what theCivilians  are doing there. Presumably, they are holed up there as human shields for fighting Azob brigade ultra nationalist. These Civilians are now under evacuation under UN flag. Azobstall steel plant facility, as estimated, will fall to Russian army soon before 9th May on which in 1945 after second world war, Russian army had liberated Europe from Nazi Occupation. The day is widely celebrated as Victory Day in Russia and other countries of Europe.

With the conspiracy and intrigue hatched by CIA in collaboration of then Soviet President Michael Gorbachab who surfaced stealthily with a reform plan of Perestroika and Glashnost, the US succeeded, to the great humiliation of the Russians, to disintegrate the mighty Soviet Union to fall from its grace as a superpower in 1991. To bring back the glory and grace of Russian and break the US hegemony of turning the world as unipolar world, Ukraine war will stand as glaring testimony to Russian supremacy in bringing back a bi-polar world breaking the US hegemony.

 It is feared that the US and its Western allies will not let the Ukraine war end in forseeable future. They will drag the horror of war long at the cost of Ukraininans who have been passing through the great ordeal of life and many of them have in the meantime fled their country six millions in number only to be relegated to the life of refugees in other countries, while the entire world, with shock & awe, is bound to suffer in the state of instablilty and creeping fear except those arms manufactures and arms traders in the US and Europe. Let the good sense prevail in all and sundry and Ukraine war end soon to the benefit of the beleaguered humanity as a whole.

MahbubarRahman is a Bir Muktijoddha and former
Civil Servant.